Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring in Central OH - Keep Your Legs Warm

It's definitely early spring in Central Ohio. That means it might look warm, but there's definitely that certiain chill in the air most mornings. Not a bad idea to keep a pair or two of opaque tights on hand in your drawer, just to keep your legs warm when it's sunny but only 35 degrees or so. Of course, they can still be a bit too warm when the temp climbs to the upper 60s in the afternoon. But... that's life!


  1. 35 F that's chilly. Yesterday evening was the first time this year that I've been out in pantyhose and shorts. It still no more than 55F here (Denmark) during the day, but it probably was around 45 in the evening. Normally I would've worn jeans, but my girlfriend and I were going for a beer with a guy we've recently met and we took our bikes instead of the car. The hose kept me warm, we were sitting in a cafe most of the time, though. It would probably be too cold to just walk around.

  2. I'm usually pushing it as much as I can, because I like wearing shorts when I'm able to. If I'm wearing some color of hose that aren't all that visible, I tend to get comments to the effect of, "you're sure brave being out in shorts--aren't you cold?" Depending on whether it's a brief comment while passing or not, I'll either tell them that my ActivSkins (hose) do the trick on keeping my legs warm, or just say that I'm pretty warm-blooded (which is also true).

    BTW, what has been your experience in Denmark with respect to how people you meet and interact with responde to the fact you're wearing tights or hose? Is it something that is noticed or not?

  3. Wow I guess I do have the nylon gene for sure. Ive always loved the way nylon/sheer socks look on me and on other men since I was a kid. I have found that wearing nylon/sheer socks under my boot socks keep me particularly warm in New England winters. I also wear the sheer black hose w/ the fly from Activskin--very effective against cold weather. I have not worn my sheer nylon hose out w/ shorts, but Im tempted after seeing a guy like Steve N. in his! --you look great in those black sheer nylon hose, especially since you have muscular legs; a lot like mine! :-) Thanks for this site! Jack

  4. Thanks for the feedback, Jack. Since I've been in this position as marketing director, I'm somewhat the poster boy for nylon legwear. I try to make it a point to wear it with shorts whenever I can, to make the point to those I encounter that nylon legwear CAN be part of a masculine look.

    And, I'll tell you one thing, I've had no negative feedback or unpleasant encounters as a result. In fact, it doesn't seem to really raise eyebrows all that much at all. I figure, if I'm going to be wearing legwear anyways, and I like wearing shorts also, why should the need to wear legwear cause me to be confined to long pants forever? The same could be said of anyone who's wearing ActivSkin and doesn't want to swear off long pants. That's the way trends like this get started, or propagated...


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