Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Support Hose for the Health of Your Legs...Guys

A funny thing about poor leg circulation… it doesn’t respect gender boundaries—at least not very much. What I mean by this is that men may be nearly as likely to suffer from venous insufficiency as women. Risk factors for venous insufficiency include working in professions requiring long periods of standing (surgeons, chefs, factory workers, etc.) or extended periods of sitting without intervening activity (clerical/office workers, truck drivers, etc.) Smokers and diabetics also have higher incidence of this problem as well. Although women are likely to encounter symptoms at an earlier age, and in somewhat greater numbers than men, there is no doubt that many men suffer from it as well. Likewise for varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis. Unfortunately, this can present a dilemma for men in our society if their symptoms are not confined below the knee.

If you shop the drug store aisles or catalogs for leg support products intended for men, you will most likely find little more than knee socks. On the other hand, similar products for women range from knee socks to thigh-top stockings and full-length support pantyhose. If you are a man who suffers from the chronic discomfort of tired and achy legs, you may feel you have no recourse other than medical-grade hosiery. Most people find this to be too hot and uncomfortable for their taste and avoid them, unless specifically directed by their physician. While women can turn to the moderate compression styles produced by Ames®, Jobst®, et al—or support hosiery found in department stores, men had few options until recently. Fortunately, ActivSkin® Legwear for Men has been providing a solution for such men for nearly 10 years. ActivSkin® sells two styles of full-support opaque tights (both footed and footless), six styles of sheer full-support hosiery, five styles of support thigh-top stockings and three styles of support socks, all made especially for men. Until recent years, men who had need for full-length support hosiery had no choice but to resort to wearing women’s pantyhose. This led many men to feeling self-conscious about what others may think, despite the fact that—objectively speaking—there is nothing that makes full-length hosiery a strictly female garment. In fact, until little more than a hundred years ago, form-fitting legwear was considered exclusively a male garment.

With the advent of ActivSkin® , and our continued efforts to shape public perception of masculine applications for legwear, men are finding these products to be a ‘good fit’ when it comes to easing chronic leg pain, when not associated with a condition requiring medical-grade hosiery. When male patients complain of these conditions to their doctor, he or she now has more options than just directing them to the nearest department store to pick up a pair of L’eggs® Sheer Energy®. Men can now be directed to the online store at www.activskin.com to select a style that will provide comfort and help promote future leg health. ActivSkin® Legwear is made to conform to male body proportions, while providing full, medium, or light leg support. Men with symptoms of venous insufficiency should discuss this issue with their doctor and follow his or her advice.

ActivSkin® Legwear is not a medical product and is not required to have compression measurements in mm Hg. According to the Hosiery Technology Center in North Carolina, there are no agreed-upon industry standards for how to measure compression consistently from product to product and from company to company. Like any other product that you would use for health reasons, men with venous insufficiency or other circulation problems should consult their physician first.

DISCLAIMER: Neither ActivSkin nor G. Lieberman & Sons makes no claim that a customer’s health condition will improve by wearing its products, nor do we assume any liability for health problems that might ensue as a result of wearing its products. Customers at risk should wear them only under the direction of a competent physician.


  1. I didnt know that this issues also affect Men's Health. I thought that women are most vulnerable with this.

  2. women are slightly more susceptible to varicose veins and venous insufficiency. About 55% of sufferers are female, 45% are male. But that's STILL a lot of guys out there who are experiencing pain and/or discomfort in their legs that they don't need to. All that's necessary to address the problem is to be bold enough to wear some nylon legwear and say, "To hell with anyone who gives a darn about it."

    For that matter, it's not necessary to wear them outwardly with shorts in the first place. I, and most other guys who do so, do it because it's cooler and I just like wearing shorts. I didn't want to give that up just because I wear hose to alleviate achy, tired legs. No harm, no foul...


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