Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Batmobiles & Mantyhose

At first blush, this article (Holy Honda Mod, Batman! Hawk 3-Wheeler looks like Batmobile Meets Rocket) looks like it has nothing to do with our mission here at The Nylon Gene. But scroll down to the fourth paragraph and you'll see.

The following line appears there, "Sorry. Have to save the mantyhose for another day." Not really a big deal at all. Except that it's an example of how the terminology for men's legwear is creeping into our everyday lexicon, right? I mean, this article had nothing to do at all with men's tights, did it? It was about a radical 3-wheeled motorcycle and nothing more.

I think as we continue to do our job here, we'll all begin to see more and more instances of the word 'mantyhose' or off-handed comments about men's tights or pantyhose being bandied about even when that's not the primary topic of consideration.

Readers: Send me any examples you come across of this sort of casual mention, name-dropping of this sort. Use the e-mail address from my profile.

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