Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April's over!...

Gerbe logoJust a last minute reminder that April is almost over, and that means the end of ACTIVSKIN's promotional offer on orders containing a Gerbe legwear product. [UPDATE: April IS over. While this post is now obsolete, I'll leave it up for the benefit of those who've provided comments below]

You'll recall me posting reviews of several Gerbe products I had tried out around the beginning of the month. And, that ActivSkin is offering a 10% discount on your entire order, if placed in April and containing at least one Gerbe legwear item. For details, see the ActivSkin website.

Gerbe Luxury Men's LegwearThis is a great chance to try out some of this luxury legwear at a lower price. The more other items you purchase, the greater the discount you'll realize on the Gerbe product. For instance, if you purchase one pair of Satin 8 (GS8) at $31 and another $50 worth of ActivSkin (total purchase: $81) you would receive an $8.10 discount, which is like getting the Gerbe legwear for more than 25% off.


  1. why womes series pantyhose more cheap?

  2. "why womes (sp?) series pantyhose more cheap?"

    If the question is regarding why are women's pantyhose less expensive than ActivSkin legwear, the answer is in the quality of materials and construction. ActivSkin uses higher quality yarns than the average pair of pantyhose that you'll find on the shelves of your grocery store. This is one of the reasons they tend to last longer and have fewer runs. Also, there are some extra design features built into ActivSkin, such as the fly opening, or male comfort panel on the front of some styles. Some of our styles have reinforced toes also. All of these features increase the cost to make them, which translates into higher cost to the consumer. If you compare ActivSkin to the department store brands of women's pantyhose, you'll see less of a difference between price, as those tend to be made a little better than those in the grocery store.

    Now, if we're talking about the Gerbe products and women's pantyhose, there's even more of a discrepancy in the materials and construction. Gerbe is made in France and incorporates even more high-end design features than our found in the ActivSkin products. For instance, there's the wider (2") waistband that has the 'Gerbe' name embroidered into it. They also have flat seams, which lay more comfortably on the skin, and reinforced heels (in addition to reinforced toes). These and other features (see the ActivSkin website for more indepth descriptions) make these a truly 'luxury' item that is not for everyone, admittedly.

  3. Some of the bigger retail outlets offer women's tights at the same prices as those of Activeskin but they're usually the thicker tights and sometimes the sweater tights too. I wonder what a set of tights with a male comfort panel would feel like on us women as the anatomy around the waist differ between the two genders.

  4. I guess you'll just have to buy a pair and tell us, won't you Jennifer. And don't worry, we won't let anyone call you a cross-dresser for wearing men's hose! :-)

    But seriously, since the panel is made of stretchy material, it probably wouldn't be that different.

  5. I never understood why nylons is a garment designated only for women and not socially acceptable for men to wear? I think this is big mistake of dupont inventors

    All men must try wear nylons thank you steve & employees

  6. Bull****; Are there any straight men left in ohio and france??? Pantyhose for girls, a man wear pantyhose is not a man. See a psychologist.
    [NOTE: comment edited for profanity. Abusive or profanity-laden posts will be edited or rejected at the discretion of the moderator]

  7. Lauren, you swear like a man. Either you're a man disguising yourself with a woman's name, or you've not been taught how to act like a lady.

    Now, how does it feel having the tables turned on you? If you wonder where I get off calling into question your femininity (if that be the case) because of the way you swear and spout off, stop and take a look at yourself for writing what you wrote.

    Where do you base your 'pantyhose for girls' statement? Is that because it's always been that way? Well not really. Like I've posted elsewhere on this blog, in the middle ages and up to the early 1800s, men wore various kinds of tights (the equivalent of 'pantyhose' of the day) and many of them had to put up with a lot more difficult life than most of us here in the 21st century.

    If we follow the 'always been that way' line of thought, then only men should be wearing pants, right? Because before about 1940 women wearing pants would be looked upon very suspectly. Do you wear pants, Lauren? Maybe you'd better go back to wearing skirts and dresses, because pants are for men... 'a woman who wear pants is not a woman' to paraphrase your line of thought.

    Short pants: what about those? If we guys who like to wear our shorts went back about 100 years, we'd probably be asked why we're wearing little boys clothes? Because back then, only children wore shorts. Men did not.

    And then there's earrings. Anybody remember when men first started wearing earrings? I don't remember which one, but an earring in either the left or right was supposed to signify something. And, nobody would've worn them in both ears. Only women did that. Anybody seen a guy with earrings in both ears in say... the last day. That's about how long you'd be able to go without seeing that at least once. Is it any big deal? No. You see, things change. Styles change. I believe in the Word of God as the only constant, and we're not doing anything here that contradicts that.

    So, Lauren, I don't think I'm the one who needs to talk to a psychologist. I'm feeling just fine with who I am.

    And as for the number of straight men left in ohio or france: I can't speak for France, but here in Ohio there's plenty of us, and we're man enough to wear whatever we please. Thank you for your concern.

  8. @Lauren you wrong know Pantyhose,stocking,lace,mini skirt first time wear men. Womens thieve clothes of men

    see pics.

    mini skirt






    women stocking


    women only long skirt and knee high stocking wear. No tigh high stocking no pantyhose

  9. Thanks for the pics, Hasan. I think you're saying basically the same thing I said, in a much less long-winded form than I did. Although let's not let it be said that we're promoting men's skirts or lacy clothes. I don't think I'm going to be down for that trend. Not putting it down, mind you... just wouldn't be for me. Also don't think the same trend that brings legwear into wider acceptance is going to do the same for these other fashions.

  10. There are skirts for men in Asia. If you have been to India, you might have come across men wearing what would appear to be skirts but actually dothis. Men wore it long before women. While women also caught up to it, it did not go away from men. I don't know if wearing nylons there where it can be as hot at 114 degrees will work out though it may keep the big mosquitos away but the difference between wearing pants and dothis (sometimes perceived as skirts in the west) can make a huge difference in comfort.

  11. Ranjit, as far as India is concerned I would have to agree with you. I think we will have an uphill battle making inroads into the subcontinent, when temperatures so frequently hover well above 100. We've had virtually no sales in India, despite having customers from all over the world. Likewise, while we've had over 3,200 visitors to The Nylon Gene from the U.S. over the past month, from India we've had a grand total of... three.

  12. In India, few women actually wear pantyhose even in North India though that was a few years ago and a lot of things have changed. But don't even think of South India where it's hotter and more orthodox. Still, I'm told that usually only celebrity women bother wearing them. There's salwar kameez for men and women and the leggings are like thin pants almost hugging the legs but they're not made of nylon or spandex, hence not stretchable. I'll try to help you out on the fashion there so maybe someday you can reach out to both the men and women in India on the idea of wearing hosiery. Of course, there's also the leg exposure issue as most guys are not used to seeing women exposing their legs so often though I hear that's changing too. And unless India gets a dramatically cooler climate change, thicker tights is out of the question.

    How about Africa? I'm guessing that the hotter the climiate in that country, the less likely a visit let alone a sale?

  13. I imagine we'll probably keep India on the back burner until we get much bigger than we are now. The cost of penetrating that market would be high, and most likely take a long time, if it ever were successful. For the near term, we would prefer to focus on the many opportunities that are much more attainable.

    As for Africa, you're correct... we've had only 8 blog visits since we started tracking.

  14. Lauren or whatver name might be right: If you have open ears and eyes you should noticed that 1997 was a big hange in case of 'nylons' because on packages of stockings and pantyhose product name were adapted to the new customers. Since this time special stockings an pantyhose created for women called "Women's pantyhose" , unisex stockings and pantyhose have no more name, just stockings/pantyhose. To your information: All nylonsfirst were created by men for men - in Scotland 1908.
    Next: If you just specify man by that what e is wearing, compare it to women and their clothes: he half of all women on te world are gone, they are manly or masculinized becauseof wearing typically men's stuff - even the skirts are original only men's wardrobe.
    We are in a time of change, adapting and accepting each other like we should be, and getting away from a busines orinted sexualized world. Emancpation is moving on.

  15. Anon, not sure what part of Lauren's comment you're referring to. I didn't see anyplace where she mentioned something about product names/packaging changing. Although I personally did not notice any changes that you mention in 1997, I'd like to hear more about this if you have some specific anecdotes. (You can either post a comment, or email me if you have pics/files). I will say that some stores seem to position the tights/pantyhose section in a place that's decidedly not exclusively the 'women's' section. For example, Wal-Mart has a "Family Hosiery" section that's placed about where the men's and women's clothing areas meet. The Family Hosiery section includes men's and women's socks, as well as tights and pantyhose. I don't know when this began (1997 maybe?) but I take it as an implicit recognition that there's not a hard and fast dividing line between men's and women's hosiery.

    BTW, if you have any more info on the Scotland 1908 thing, I'd like to see that also. Of course, many of us are aware that pantyhose were devised by a man (Glen Raven Mills, etc) but I'm not familiar with what you're referring to in Scotland.


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