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Pantyhose For Longer Life...

A reader shared this link to an old story from 2003.  Not sure how I missed it, but I'm reprinting it here for he benefit of all Nylon Gene readers.  Needless to say, this certainly bolsters the reasons behind the latest mantyhose trend.  [-Steve]

Photo courtesy of  The Nylon Gene
Pantyhose Linked to Longevity. May Even Reduce Cancer Risk?
March 1, 2003
By:  AP Medical Correspondent (from Archives)

NEW ENGLAND – A study published by the New England Journal of Medicine today touted some remarkable claims in life extension and cancer research.

Describing the discovery as "nothing short of a breakthrough", Dr. Brian Schiff took to the podium for yesterday's press release. "We may have a few doctors smirking now, but of most them have not yet seen the research."

Schiff explained that the research project has been on-going for the last 15 years, compiling data, reviewing medical records, and conducting case studies. "Our team includes some of the most respected medical professionals from around the world. -When we say this reseach is valid, we are staking our reputations on it".

The theory behind the study comes from a Johns Hopkins University study that found a correlation between telangiectasias (spider veins) and longevity. An ancient oriental cure was to bind the legs of the afflicted person. It not only aided, but often cured this malady. The side-effects of which were noted to be: reduced sicknesses, longevity and a recovery of strength.

"The trick to 'ancient leg binding' was not to bind the legs too tight", explained Schiff. "restiction of blood flow (arterial insufficiency) is not what is intended here. Systolic blood pressure in the two major arteries of the body has to be increased, but not restricted. Pantyhose seem to achieve this perfectly. The correct systolic blood pressure (systolic blood pressure is maximum pressure exerted when the heart contracts) forces the plaque build-up out of the heart and arteries harmlessly into the liver to be filtered. It also prevents cancerous cells from attaching themselves to the pulminary walls or other cells".

"We are talking about two major blood arteries (pathways) sped up by mild constriction, similiar to a garden hose when gently squeezed. The increased speed of the blood flow without constant calistentation (extreme excersize) not only improves the purifying process but also (in effect) 'wipes clean' the interior vascular (vein) linings". Dr. Schiff also noted that even patients with existing heart conditions due to plaque build-up in arteries -sinus and atrioventricular nodes, may benefit. "We're finding increasing proof that the use of a mild arterial restiction during sleep can actually increase health".

"Whether this study is embraced is not our goal. Our findings are clear and we will continue our research.".


Sunday, August 15, 2010

St. The Case of the Subborn Pantyhose

Too many ladies have their pantyhose
in a bunch over nothing
I couldn't resist commenting on the recent article published in the St. Augustine Record, entitled "The Case of the Stubborn Pantyhose" (July 18, 2010). Anne Heymen, the woman who wrote the article, doesn't sound like one who has an axe to grind when it comes to wearing pantyhose, but she typifies the reason why the misconception that hosiery is an uncomfortable burden to wear has taken hold so firmly in recent years.

And, the corollary to the mistaken view that women's pantyhose are so horribly uncomfortable, of course, follows: Why on earth would MEN be wearing them if we women can't stand them? Is there something 'wrong' with a guy who wears them--since it can't possibly be for comfort or practical reasons?

Yet, the thing is, for the most part guys who have taken to wearing them over the past 10 years or so have found them to be comfortable, and to provide practical benefits, too. For those interested, you can access my posted comment here ("Lucky?... Not Quite."). I've also taken the liberty of reprinting it here, below:
Having worn both neckties and pantyhose, I can assure you--the person who 'has' to wear the necktie most certainly has the worse end of the deal than the one who's required to wear pantyhose.

It is in fact true that we men don't "have" to wear pantyhose. However, a growing number of guys are choosing to wear them because we're discovering there are definite benefits to be had, which you ladies have been downplaying all these years as you carry on about how uncomfortable they supposedly are. I suppose that may be because most women assume no guy is ever going to call them on that claim.

Not so anymore, though. There are thousands and thousands of guys across the U.S. who are trying them on, and finding they're not really all that uncomfortable after all. I know this from working in the men's hosiery business for some time. In fact, if you're like myself and suffer from a bit of venous insufficiency that makes your legs achy and tired during the day, you may even discover that they feel pretty darn good. The support styes can make your legs feel energized instead of lethargic--and that makes it all worthwhile.

I think one of the main reasons women find pantyhose to seem so uncomfortable is because, 1). they go cheap and forego spending a few extra bucks on a brand of hose that will last longer and won't itch and sag, 2). they buy them one or two sizes too small, possibly in hopes of kidding themselves that they're really smaller than they really are. (my advice: just bite the bullet and get the size you need--nobody's looking over your shoulder to see whether you buy 'Q' or '2X'), and 3). they don't think they need "control top". What many don't realize is that the control top isn't just for keeping your tummy tucked in. They also keep them from sliding down in the crotch area, too.

So, even if your girlfriends won't tell ya, take it from a guy: buy better quality hose that FIT, and most of your complaints will go away. And, your newly energized legs will make it all worthwhile. Also, to read more about the growing men's legwear trend, read some of the articles on my blog, The Nylon Gene at


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Walking Mantyhose Advertisement at Amusement Park

About a week ago, my family and I took a little day trip to Cedar Point Amusement Park here in Ohio, with another family with whom we're good friends. While there I was, in the words of my 14-year old son, "a walking advertisement" for mantyhose in general, and ActivSkin in particular. It wasn't so much the legwear I wore for the trip--it was the T-shirt. 

I've long ago discovered that in most settings, other people don't readily notice when I'm wearing suntan-colored hose with shorts. The color blends in well enough with my skin tone that few people notice, unless they have reason and opportunity to focus on my legs for more than a second or two. (That does seem to be changing a bit, but more on that in another post). In any event, wearing suntan pantyhose (or, mantyhose, if you will) with shorts to an amusement park full of the biggest, fastest roller coasters in the U.S., as well as tens of thousands of other people, does NOT get noticed.

Sooo, if you're an active advocate for men's legwear such as I am, you might wear something like the T-shirt that I wore to Cedar Point when we went last Friday. As I've said, wearing skintone hose with shorts isn't likely to get noticed among the crowds making their way through the park or the lines for rides. However, it's another case entirely you underscore it with the shirt pictured here.

For those who may have trouble reading the graphic, here's what it says (below the ActivSkin logo and URL):

Changing Hearts & Minds... From Pantyhose, to MANTYHOSE!
  • Warmth-Without-Bulk for Athletes & Outdoorsmen
  • Enhanced Leg Circulation for Energizing Support of Tired, Achy Legs
  • Muscle Compression for Improved Performance & Stamina
  • Protection Against Chafing & Blisters for Horseback Riders and Others
Why Not Try A Pair Today?

Of course, the first thing readers will want to know is how people reacted to my 'walking advertisement'? (BTW, my son wasn't bothered by it at all, he was merely making a casual observation when he said it).  In a nutshell... nothing.  They didn't.  I could tell a certain amount of people with whom we waited in line (for all those hours) were checking to see whether I was wearing what my T-shirt was promoting.  Yet no sign of disapproval or disdain could be detected, even when they weren't aware I noticed that THEY had noticed.  Nor were there any whispered comments from behind, accompanied by giggling or snickering.  I was paying attention to the reactions of others, and not a single person gave any evidence of negativity. 

What's the 'take home' from all this?  Basically, that people are slowly becoming more aware of the growing mantyhose trend, and when they encounter it, they don't really care if a guy's wearing hose or not.  Mind you, I was wearing them in an undeniably masculine context, meaning that the other clothing I wore was typical 'guy clothes' and didn't call into question my masculinity.  I can't speak to how people might react to someone dressing in a less-than-masculine outfit along with a pair of pantyhose.  But then again, we're exploring the emerging male pantyhose trend here on The Nylon Gene, not dressing in feminine clothing. 

So, maybe you've been considering finding out what this new trend is all about, but are afraid of how it might be received by others.  Hopefully, the experience I've shared above will help get you past that.  As the T-shirt says, "Why Not Try A Pair Today?"


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Online Poll: How many women are ok with men wearing pantyhose?

Poll: How many women are OK with men wearing pantyhose?

This question was posted at Clothing Home on Aug. 8th. Nylon Gene readers should weigh in on this...


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