Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Media Blogroll: Mantyhose/Men's Pantyhose News

mantyhose in the news On this page you'll find links to a broad sampling of past news items--The Good, The Bad & The Ugly--from the past several years relating to 'mantyhose', men's pantyhose, men in tights, guy's legwear, etc. I've been compiling this list for quite some time, yet the list isn't exhaustive. I'll keep adding to it over time, so check back occasionally. I welcome readers to email me with links to articles you come across that I may have missed. I may not list everything, due to redundancy. Entries are in reverse chronological order, listed first by media organization and then by article title...

Examiner: Male Tights-Wearers Gaining a New Sense of Confidence - Feb. 11, 2010Toronto Life: The Next Big Thing from Europe: Mantyhose - Jan. 25, 2010Philadelphia Magazine: MANTYHOSE: In Defense of Men in Tights - Jan. 20, 2010Examiner: Mantyhose: Frequently Asked Questions About Pantyhose for Men - Dec. 29, 2009Examiner: Mantyhose Trend in China is Growing From Small Beginnings - Dec. 16, 2009 (ACTIVSKIN mentioned)

- LA Talk Radio/Broad Topics:
Steve Newman/ACTIVSKIN Interview on Mantyhose - Nov. 10, 2009 Examiner: Ladies, Does Your Guy Wear Pantyhose?... Maybe He Should - Nov. 6, 2009 (ACTIVSKIN mentioned)

- The Mancow Radio Show:
Steve Newman/ACTIVSKIN Interview on Mantyhose - Oct. 27, 2009 Centre Daily Times: Men in the Mirdle: New Underwear Designs Are Putting Squeeze on Men's Midsections - Oct. 21, 2009 Dublin Herald (Ireland): Are Our Men Really In a Tight(s) Spot? - Oct. 20, 2009 Associated Press (AP): How Ballplayers Stay Warm When Playoffs Turn Cold - Oct. 19, 2009 Honolulu Star Bulletin: Athletes Hope Stockings Can Improve Blood Flow - Oct. 19, 2009 MLB.com: Dodgers Ready to Weather Philly's Chill - Oct. 17, 2009 (...he's not aware of any player who will wear thermal underwear. "They're wearing the Nike tights," he said.) Chicago Tribune: Love Handles? Try a Mirdle - Oct. 15, 2009 KXAS/NBC5 Dallas-Ft. Worth: Defending the Mantyhose - Oct. 15, 2009 (ACTIVSKIN mentioned--counterpoint to previous article) KXAS/NBC5 Dallas-Ft. Worth: Horrors of Fashion: Mantyhose - Oct. 13, 2009

Athens (AL) News Courier: My Warnings Have Come to Naught - Oct. 3, 2009
St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Men Have Been Shopping More; Now Do They Want More? - Oct. 3, 2009 (ACTIVSKIN mentioned)

- KUDO1080 Radio, Anchorage AK: Steve Newman/ACTIVSKIN Interview with Kathy Phillips - Sept. 30, 2009
BBC News Magazine: What Sort of Man Wears Mantyhose? - Sept. 29, 2009 (ACTIVSKIN mentioned)
Examiner: London Mantyhose Line Has Britons All a-Twitter - Sept. 28, 2009(ACTIVSKIN mentioned)
U-TV: Real Men Don't Wear Mantyhose - Sept. 27, 2009

- BBC Radio Kent:
Steve Newman/ACTIVSKIN Interview with Andrew Garland - Sept. 25, 2009

- BBC Radio Wales:
Steve Newman/ACTIVSKIN Interview with Jamie & Louise - Sept. 25, 2009
New York Magazine/The Cut: Mantyhose: Yay or Nay? - Sept. 25, 2009
Marie Claire UK: Selfridges Stock Tights for Men - Sept. 24, 2009
The Daily Telegraph (London): Selfridges Launches 'Mantyhose' - Tights for Men - Sept. 24, 2009
Stylist: 'Mantihose' Makes Men In Tights a Cruel Reality - Sept. 24, 2009
London Evening Standard: Will Chaps Warm to The Mantyhose? - Sept. 23, 2009
Examiner: Autumn: Men's Legwear Is In-Season - Sept. 21, 2009 (ACTIVSKIN mentioned)
The Gadsden (AL) Times: Movers & Shakers Ship Supplies to Battalion in Kuwait - Sept. 20, 2009
Examiner: Should Men Wear Pantyhose? (Poll & Video) - Sept. 15, 2009
Examiner: Men's Legwear Showing Signs of Moving Toward Mainstream - Sept. 14, 2009
Santa Barbara News-Press: He's Got Legs! It Takes a Real Man to Test Latest Fashion Trend, Shapewear for Guys - Sept. 14, 2009 (ACTIVSKIN featured)
Examiner: Leg Troubles Know No Gender Boundaries - Sept. 11, 2009 (ACTIVSKIN included)

- British Forces Broadcasting Services (BFBS) Radio:
Steve Newman/ACTIVSKIN Interview w/Lynne Duffus - Aug. 28, 2009
Examiner: Saturday Night's Alright for Tights: Men In Tights Part Two - Aug. 27, 2009
Examiner: C'mon, Show Support: Men In Tights - Aug. 24, 2009 (ComfiLon mentioned)
Field & Stream Magazine: Chad Love Field Notes: Would You Wear Mantyhose? - Aug. 13, 2009 (ACTIVSKIN featured)
St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Are We Ready for Mantyhose? Pantyhose for Men - July 23, 2009 (ACTIVSKIN mentioned)
NBC4-TV/WCMH Columbus: ACTIVSKIN Guest Appearance on Daytime Columbus - July 23, 2009
TIME Magazine: Spanx for Men - July 13, 2009
TIME Magazine/Photo Essay: Mancessories - July 6, 2009 (ACTIVSKIN included)
NBC4-TV/WCMH Columbus: ACTIVSKIN Guest Appearance on Daytime Columbus - June 22, 2009
NBC4-TV/WCMH Columbus: ACTIVSKIN Guest Appearance on Daytime Columbus - June 8, 2009
Hilliard (Ohio) Northwest News: Hilliard Man Struts/Sells Stockings for Men - April 22, 2009 (ACTIVSKIN featured)
John Tesh/Random Intelligence: A Growing Number of Men Are Wearing Mantyhose - April 6, 2009
The Daily Mail (London): Mantyhose: Move Over Robin Hood... Meet the Real Men In Tights - March 13,2009
Philadelphia Enquirer: Mantyhose: A New Trend? - March 11, 2009
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Should Men Wear Pantyhose for Warmth? - Feb. 12, 2009
The Press and Journal (Aberdeen, Scotland): How I Became a Stocking Filler - Feb. 11, 2009
Orlando Sentinel: Readers Weigh In On Men't Pantyhose (Mantyhose) Question - Jan. 29, 2009
Access Hollywood: Oprah Wears Mantyhose to Inauguration - Jan. 21, 2009 (quoted as saying, "I’m front and center and frozen and happy. I’m layered and I’m wearing something called men’s pantyhose."
NBC News12 Arizona: Mantyhose: Pantyhose for Men Making It's Way to U.S. -
Saturday Night Live/NBC: Parody of Kathie Lee/TODAY Show with Mantyhose - Jan. 13, 2009
Salon (broadsheet): On "Mantyhose" and Misogyny - Jan. 9, 2009 (ACTIVSKIN mentioned)
City File (New York): Mantyhose Emerging from the Closet - Jan. 7, 2009 (ACTIVSKIN mentioned)
NBC Today Show (msnbc.com): Not Your Mom's Pantyhose - Jan. 7, 2009 (Video link here) ACTIVSKIN shown
The Washtington Times: Men In Tights, For Real / Guys Cite Warmth, Support - Sept. 3, 2008 (ACTIVSKIN mentioned)
Columbus Dispatch: Granville Man Offers 30 Styles - Aug. 28, 2008 (ACTIVSKIN featured)
New York Magazine/The Cut: Men In Tights? It's Time for Mantyhose - Aug. 11, 2008
The (Scottish) Sun: Men In Tights - Aug. 6, 2008
Good Morning America: Meet the Men Who Dared to Wear Pantyhose - June 16, 2008
Neatorama: Pantyhose For Men (French Hosiery Maker Gerbe Introduces Men's Line) - Feb. 10, 2007
Lenore Skenazy Syndicated Column: When Men Get Into Nylons - Jan. 7, 2007 (ACTIVSKIN featured)
The Ledger: Wearing Pantyhose Is Serious Business for Some Guys - Sept. 16, 2006 (ACTIVSKIN featured)
Playboy Advisor: Boyfriend Wears Pantyhose in Public w/Shorts - March 2005
The Morning Call: Pantyhose Are a Defensive Weapon in Iraq - March 31, 2003 (ACTIVSKIN featured) NOTE: There were several dozen similar articles following this that were reprinted in numerous newspapers around the country
Entrepeneur Magazine: Bunch of Hosiers - August 2002 (ACTIVKSIN featured)
Financial Times (London): Men In Tights - June 7, 2002 (ComfiLon featured)
NPR Radio: ComfiLon Interview with John Ydstie - Feb. 23, 2002
Wall Street Journal: Kingsize, Not Queen: More Men Taking to Wearing Pantyhose - Feb. 19, 2002 (ComfiLon featured)

(...mentions of men's legwear on blogs not otherwise focused on this issue)
Get Your Fashion: Info - Men In Tights, Loving It [Hose] - Jan. 21, 2010
Feme Fashions/Looks of Life (India): Mantyhose for Men? - Nov. 7, 2009
BitterWallet.com: Meggings--For Men Sickened by the Thought of Mantyhose - Oct. 28, 2009
Jess King Talks Too Much: Urgently Hilarious Update - Oct. 20, 2009 (ACTIVSKIN, and yours truly, mentioned)
Jess King Talks Too Much: Is That Really a Thing?! - Oct. 13, 2009
Swoon Over This: Mantyhose? - Oct. 13, 2009
Shop Talk: Daily Dish for Dallas Girls: Tights for Men. "Mantyhose." Umm... - Oct. 12, 2009
Got a Question? Text it to 542542: Today's Pulse on 542542: Mantyhose - Oct. 12, 2009
Blogging With Besen Retail: Men In Tights? - Oct. 8, 2009 (Featured a Picture of 'Yours Truly')
Fashion Diaries: Fashion News... A Curious Menswear Movement - Sept. 28, 2009
BitterWallet.com: BitterWallet's Christmas List: No. 4 - the Mantyhose - Sept. 9, 2009
Melissa De Sa's Blog: Mantyhose! - Sept. 4, 2009
eHow.com: How to Keep Warm While Running/Cycling Without Overheating - Aug. 27, 2009 (ACTIVSKIN featured)
Healthy Living: Pantyhose Aren't Just for Women Anymore - Feb. 3, 2009
Feministing.com: The Politics of Mantyhose - Jan. 9, 2009 (ACTIVSKIN mentioned)
Female First UK: The Board: Women's Views on Men Who Wear Tights/Pantyhose - Jan. 29, 2004 (With 577 posts, and counting, this thread will provide weeks of reading on the topic. Still being posted to, and includes some very insightful discussion. )


  1. So THAT'S how you found me! I enjoyed reading your comment. Thanks for presenting another perspective! It's nice to have someone offset my jesting with actual, credible information.

    I honestly had no idea that it was actually a "thing" now for men to wear hosiery; when I came across articles mentioning "Mantyhose," I thought it was a joke. And it will probably be funny to me for awhile, until I get used to it.

    If you are interested, I'd love to do a follow-up blog about the real scoop on this phenomenon. It would be kind of an "I Stand Corrected!" type of article. Let me know what you think!

  2. Steve, thanks for posting the articles out there. It can be tough to keep up. In addition to black, beige, and charcoal, I still think that brown and navy are equally great. One question about the colors of nylons. Maybe I missed it somewhere but when it comes to manufacturing nylons, is it possible that it is difficult to do some colors vs others?

    Jess, hosiery was actually invented by men. God knows why they had it for women only. It must have been about the smoothness of it associated with making women attractive models at that time. You would be surprised to find out that in the last two decades, up until the last few years, pantyhose/tights for women has declined. I'm happy that both Steves reminded us ladies out there about the health and comfort benefits of wearing nylons under our skirts, pants, and shorts. I saw your article on your blog on mantyhose and I respectfully disagree. You need to check your weight and size before ordering. I haven't had any problems wearing nylons and in fact I do wear them a lot. I used to not like wearing them back when I was chubby but in the last few years, my getting slender had convinced me to revisit wearing pantyhose and I find it very comforting to wear in cold weather and when I'm stuck for hours in traffic jam hell.

  3. We have two posts primarily about mens tights here and here

    Good list, it's encouraging to see men willing to stand up and fight against the prejudice - there is nothing wrong with a man in tights!

    Daylong UK


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