Monday, April 27, 2009

Pantyhose for the Military?

ActivSkin Military ApplicationsSome who may have followed the topic of men's legwear for more than a couple of years might recall seeing a flurry of newspaper articles back in 2003-04 regarding pantyhose being sent in CARE packages to our soldiers in Iraq. With the continued presence of our troops over there, it seems there should be no less a need for the various items from home that they've always asked for--and that would include the legwear...

This came to mind for me recently because of a conjunction of two things. First, I received an incredibly supportive e-mail letter from a former military man who encouraged us to keep up the good work in promoting men's legwear and described how ActivSkin products had helped him and his compatriots so much while he was still serving in active duty.

The other thing came to my attention as I was sharing the letter with my wife (Mrs. Nylon Gene), who was also very taken with its content. She reminded me that we are in the process of sending in goods to the elementary school one of our sons attends, to put in one of those CARE packages for a soldier who lives in our neighborhood, who is preparing to redeploy to Iraq for a second National Guard tour of duty. She said, "Wouldn't it be great to send some ActivSkin along for him to try out? If he finds them helpful he can share the news with his buddies." I agreed of course, and will be including a package of A677s along with a copy of one of those old articles, by way of explanation in case he hasn't been aware of the benefits they can provide.

Of course, I'm realistic. I don't picture a squad out on patrol and one of them saying something along the lines of, "Hey, Spilcowitz, you won't believe the way these pantyhose energize my legs!

Most guys just aren't that open about sharing their underwear details with their buddies. But, I can see Spilcowitz saying, "Man, these forced road marches are killin' me! I've got blisters upon blisters on my feet, and the sand flies are gettin' what's left over." Then, his buddy says, "Not me. Somebody sent some hose called 'ActivSkin' in my CARE package. I said 'I dunno about this', but I tried 'em on anyways. Guess what? I don't have any blisters, and not one sand fly's gotten to me yet."

Does anybody out there have any anecdotes about using pantyhose--even if they were of the women's variety--to help avoid pitfalls of active duty military life? I'd like to hear about them, as would the other readers of The Nylon Gene. And, if you have a loved one serving overseas and would like to purchase something to send him, you can use the military promo offer code '42ML22' and receive a 20% discount [please be advised, the former code that was shown in the original posting was incorrect and should not be used]. As I hinted to above, I would probably recommend Style A677 for this application. This style is sheer, so it's lightweight and thus shouldn't be too hot. The material glides well under clothing, which makes it good for avoiding blisters and chafing. And, it's got a fly as well. If the fly isn't a big deal, you can save a few bucks and go for A577, which is basically the same as A677 minus the fly opening.

Also, I'm thinking of posting a thread to share some of the mail I've received from our many supporters. If you should write to me, please indicate if you don't object to me using your name and city. I won't include more specific details like address, e-mail address, etc. We get a lot of nice letters and I'd like to share them with the rest of you.

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  1. Tick bite big problem for Turkey. I guess pantyhose very useful.


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