Monday, April 20, 2009

Men's Legwear Capital of the WORLD

Yes, that's right! I am referring to Granville, Ohio. That is of course, the home of ActivSkin Legwear for Men. Being the world's first company to sell hosiery made especially for men--and the only one in the U.S.--by extension that makes Granville the Men's Legwear Capital of the world.

Today, I spent most of my workday getting myself familiarized with how our operations work at the warehouse. I stocked shelves and basically learned the ropes so I can be more knowledgeable of all aspects of our operations. It's a lot easier to market a product that you know everything about. Anyways, just a quick little update on the whereabouts of The Nylon Gene, on this rainy, rainy day in Central Ohio.


  1. Is it possible to decentralize the production of male pantyhose and go national? I thought that the European manufacturers do just that. I can hardly wait for the days when Activeskin will give Leggs a run for its money. :)

  2. Selling over the internet means that it does not matter where we originate our shipping from. In fact, having one location is preferable for that.

    We do in fact hope that we are successful enough to one day distribute products for retail purchasers, which will definitely require some considerable logistical planning. Right now, that is in the hands of those like yourself--our customers (g). The more you guys spread the news about us via word of mouth, the faster we'll get to that point. Then, ActivSkin can become the 'Leggs' of men's pantyhose.

    In the past, we've labored under the unique characteristic that our most beloved customers didn't want to admit that they use our product. And, of course, yours truly is out there every day trying to create an environment where you guys CAN let others know you use and love our product. So, let's each of us keep up the good work!


  4. This is a link to a web forum for bowhunters, and someone posted the following question:
    "I have always heard that womens pantyhose keep you warmer while hunting. Has anyone tried this? I just put my wifes on as i sit here ready to head out htis morning to hunt. I will let you all know if they helped me stay warm today. Thermometer says 27 degrees this morning in this part of Illinois, ought to be a good day to test them out. "

    It provoked a very long stream of comments, ranging from the thoughful to the absurd. One guy kept carrying on about it being an abomination to God, because of the ol' Deuteronomy 22:5 quotation from the Bible (we can certainly expand on that some here on The Nylon Gene if anyone wants to). That verse is about men dressing as women/women dressing as men... totally misses the point being raised in the question.

    Besides, if only someone posting when that thread were still active had been aware of ActivSkin, they could've shared their info with these guys. From briefly reading through the posts, it seems the bowhunters that were opposed (only about 50%, I might point out) were primarily hung up on the fact of wearing a women's article of clothing for any reason--even avoiding freezing to death--was more than they could handle.

    So, if they were only aware that we now have a men's version of what the original poster was talking about, it could've eased everyone's nerves considerably I think.

    Kind of illustrates some of what we talk about here on this blog: that since men now have a legwear option designed specifically for men, we can now avail ourselves of all those benefits that women have known for years, but we've had to miss out on for fear of wearing 'womens things'.

  5. I figure if it is in the USA it must be the "______ " Capital of the world. Typical introspective American comment.

  6. If you've ever been to Granville, you'll have to know that the comment is said partly tongue-in-cheek. Not that Granville is a bad place--it's a very nice little town with a population of a little over 3000. Besides that, ActivSkin--based in Granville--was the first company to market legwear made especially for men (not counting novelty items), and is still probably the largest selling of those companies that do so. I believe that warrants calling it the Legwear Capital of the World.

    If I'm wrong on that count, well, no harm done. Try not to take things too seriously, though.


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