Thursday, April 23, 2009

Blog Post: "My Son Wears Tights--Good for Him!"

Here's an interesting blog post that is certainly related to what we're all about here at The Nylon Gene. See the post and comments here

Here's the full URL in case the link doesn't work for you:

Anyone have any thoughts on this?


  1. Uh oh

    Steve N. said...
    This post has been removed by a blog administrator.
    12:23 PM, April 23, 2009
    DoctorMama said...
    (The above included a sales pitch, and I delete those on principle.)

    12:39 PM, April 23, 2009

  2. It is one of the biggest questions I have yet to ask, or have even answered for myself, and that is if you have a son, do you buy them tights, or even pantyhose for them to wear? Realistically children do not buy their own clothing, mom or dad does, and on top of that many parents choose what outfit the child wears for the day. So would anyone be willing to dress up their 1 year old or even 2 year old in shorts and white tights. Lets say they are older and are goign to a formal event, would you insist on them putting on a pair of pantyhose?
    I don't have any children of my own so I haven't come to any conclusive decissions, but good chances are that I won't be giving my son any tights to wear. Though I am comfortable wearing, it was a decision I made as an adult to go against the grain. To force my child into the position of defending himself for something not of his choosing seems wrong. If at some point I were to discover that he liked tights, I wouldn't stop him, I just want to be sure that it is something he wants, rather than something I want.
    As for the boy in the picture, he seemed happy, and looked just fine, if its something he enjoys, he is lucky to have supportive parents.

  3. Hmmm... apparently DoctorMama is more touchy than most. My post was in support of her son's wearing tights and made brief mention of ActivSkin, by way of explanation of what we do with respect to promoting men's legwear in general. She seems to have a certain intolerance of any hint of commercialism. Wonder where that comes from?...

  4. Kuwe: Interesting question you raise. I've got some thoughts on it, too. I do have children--four of them, aged 10, 13, 15 and 17. The youngest 3 are boys.

    At this point in time, not one of them has shown any interest in wearing tights or legwear, nor have I suggested as much to them either. Since I initially started wearing them for leg support, that wouldn't be an issue for them in the first place. As for young kids of an age where you are still choosing what they wear, I would't put them in tights intentionally, just because it probably wouldn't occur to me to do so. I'm not sure how DoctorMamma's little boy initially got started, but it seems apparent from her post that he really likes them, so what the heck? Go for it.

    As the father of three boys in or near the middle-school/high school age--I can assure you they have definite opinions on what they wear. Yes, they DO depend on us, the parents, to buy those clothes. And, we definitely have veto power if there's something we don't want them wearing. On the other hand, if you've ever bought your middle-schooler something that fell out of favor with them a little while later, you'll know how hard it is to get them to wear something that you want them to wear but they don't want to. So, even if I thought it was a good idea to 'make' them wear tights (which I don't), it would be nearly impossible to actually accomplish.

    On the flip side, if one of them (say, the high-schooler) decides he wants to wear tights like I do, it would be pretty hypocritical of me to not let him do it. That being said, I would probably have a talk with him about it and explain to him that since high school is not like the real world--with certain social limits on how we treat one another--he could be opening himself up for a good deal of harsh treatment from others. (It's funny how ultra-conformist high-schoolers are, isn't it?) If he felt strongly enough about wearing the tights that he was willing to stand up to that if it came, I would say I'm behind him 110%. But, if he was not so sure of himself, I would probably council him to forego it for now. If he still wanted to dress that way after he was out of high school then he would probably be much more mentally/emotionally ready to do so.

  5. If DoctorMama really wants to help her son, she could help spread the word instead of censoring like that. I guess some folks don't take societal tolerance seriously but instead expect to keep their showing off big shooting in power. As much as I respect her and her son, I thought that was very mean spirited and actually depriving her children of potential allies.

    Kuwe, buying tights for your son is not forcing him to wear it. By your definition, the only way you wouldn't force your son what to wear is to not buy him any clothing at all. As a matter of fact, Steve isn't forcing men to wear nylons. In fact, he's simply encouraging men not to fear them. Besides, if more men wore nylons, less men would be staring at a women's legs in nylons all the time. If parents would actually sit down and properly educate their children about the various clothings out there instead of letting the children get brainwashed by the goofy media and the societally intolerant, then maybe the children wouldn't be pushed into a no-choice situation.

    P.S.: My parents bought me tights when I was a child but because I was fat back then and felt uncomfortable in them, they understood and I never bothered with them until a couple of years ago as I became slender after moving into the city life and having a different lifestyle.

  6. Hi Steve,

    I saw your second post there and I can't believe she deleted your first one though I didn't get to read it. I posted a separate response trying to get her to understand you a little better and I hope that she'll clear her misunderstanding and maybe even apologize but I guess it's her call. Her son is going to need folks like you in the long run. You da man, Steve. :)

  7. It looks like doctormama has another post on her site acknowledging the movement and I must say she sounds surprised. :)


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