Monday, April 13, 2009

Legwear Down Under

"Love them or hate them, meggings - that's leggings for men - have arrived in Melbourne, with trend-setters praising the comfort, flexibility and look of tight, stretchy pants on men."

That's the lead for this article that ran today in the Herald Sun in Australia. While it's not the same as the tights and/or sheer hosiery we've been discussing here at The Nylon Gene, it IS legwear technically speaking. Of note in the article is the statement that hosiery maker Ambra has a prototype of men's pantyhose in case a trend for 'mantyhose' explodes.

14 Apr 2009

Guess what, Ambra? You're a little late. ACTIVSKIN has been on the ground running with it for 10 years now. If the trend is going to explode, it's going to be because we've been working long and hard to make it happen.

One last thing, I really wish those writing for the media would move beyond the habit of adding an 'm' in front of every new trend where men begin to borrow things from the women. 'Mantyhose' is a mildly annoying term that I've begrudgingly added to my occasional vocabulary, because it's become so widespread it's hard to ignore. But I've seen such grotesque words as 'murse' (man purse), 'mirdle' (man girdle) and now we've got 'meggings'. Oh where will it all end?!

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