Sunday, April 5, 2009

Some Tweaks to 'The Nylon Gene'

You'll notice a couple of tweaks to the blog, which is why I haven't been particularly active in posting...The blog now features expandable posts, so that it won't be a tedious chore to scroll down through a long post (that you may have already read) to get to one further down the page. The expandable posts are thanks to some of the excellent help that can be found on Blogger. I hope everyone likes this. It's not too difficult to modify things so that all new posts use the expandable feature. But, to make existing posts behave that way requires going back and making modifications to each one individually. Glad I discovered this before having built up too much of a history on here.

I've also been tweaking the text on the right-hand column to summarize what you'll find when reading 'The Nylon Gene'. Enjoy...

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