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Hilliard Man Markets, Struts in Stockings for Men

Steve Newman shows ActivSkin Mens Legwear product
"How can I expect other guys to give this a try if I'm not willing to show that it can be done while still maintaining a masculine look". -Steve Newman [quote from Hilliard (Ohio) Northwest News article]
This article ran in today's edition of the local suburban newspaper where I live. Hilliard is a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. Read it here and tell me what you think?

Overall, I like the article. I think it portrays men's legwear in a positive light. Would I have chosen another word besides 'Struts' in the headline to describe what I do--most definitely. But, aside from that they basically got it done pretty well.

One other correction. ActivSkin began in 1999, not 2000. That may have been my mistake in the information I gave the reporter, so it's probably not his fault.


Hilliard man markets, struts in stockings for men

Published: Tuesday, April 21, 2009 4:31 PM EDT

The upside down economy has resulted in quite a few job transitions in the past year, but few are as odd as that of Hilliard resident Steve Newman.

Taking advantage of an increase in a little known market niche, Newman, a former practicing civil engineer, is now marketing director for ActivSkin, the sole domestic manufacturer of leg wear for men.

"We are getting orders from all over the United States and even overseas," said Newman, 48, a customer of ActivSkin before the company owner, Steve Katz, offered him the newly created job of marketing director. Katz founded the Granville-based company in 2000.

Newman was cut loose from his job as a civil engineer at Korda/Nemeth in March and did not consider his prospects of finding an engineering gig at another firm to be good.
The day after his lay off, Newman called Katz about possible suggestions for alternative employment.

He learned ActivSkin had just finished its best year in sales and Katz was in need of someone to handle marketing.

"(Katz) said sales were brisk in 2008 and he needed help in marketing so he could focus on his other responsibilities," Newman said. "I started right away."

Newman purchased men's hosiery from the company to help with blood circulation in his legs.
For men whose circulation is not so poor as to require medical-grade compression hose, the hosiery ActivSkin sells is less expensive and more comfortable, Newman said.

Bicyclists, distance runners, hunters, horseback riders and outdoorsmen are also among the growing number of clientele.

"The public perception of men wearing leg wear is rapidly shedding misplaced associations with cross-dressing and other negative images," Newman said.

ActivSkin is the only U.S. firm selling leg wear for men. Seven overseas companies market similar products.

ActivSkin products are available exclusively online as product demand has yet to rise to the level to make availability at big box retail stores profitable.

Manufactured in North Carolina exclusively for ActivSkin, the hosiery has a male comfort panel in the front proportioned for a male body.

"And they are more durable," Newman said.

Some models have a fly in the front.

As an increasing number of men wear their products, it becomes more accepting for other men to do so, said Newman, who continues to wear the product.

"How can I expect other guys to give this a try if I'm not willing to show that it can be done while still maintaining a masculine look," Newman said.

For further insight from Newman, visit his Web site and blog, "The Nylon Gene" at

For additional information about ActivSkin, visit the Web site
"How can I expect other guys to give this a try if I'm not willing to show that it can be done while still maintaining a masculine look."
--Steve Newman

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  1. I was thinking that maybe I should post a picture of myself wearing a typical tie-collared shirt that I wear to work, microfiber shorts that goes down to the knee, tights, and the typical men's work shoes or even ankle boots (thank you Jennifer Bedingfield from another post) on and other online dating and match sites. One question though is will it work or will I end up losing my chance of finding a bride in life? I mean it's one thing to slowly tell but if I showed a picture of myself wearing such on a online dating/match site, I wonder how bad it can be.

  2. Nylons for men; Great idea, perfect job. Steve Newman thanks. We love comfilon.

  3. Ranjit, I wouldn't recommend it. When you post a picture of yourself on a site like, you want to give others a general illustration as to who you are. Showing yourself off in tights on a matching site is probably not going to work well. You don't want to give the impression of yourself as a mere crossdresser. She would get the mistaken impression that you would embarass her in other issues in life but I could be wrong. I would recommend telling your partner privately without crashing the truth on her. Trust me, most women could care less about their men wearing nylons. It's just a matter of coming clean with your partner without going too public about it just like any other issue. Go back and read the FAQs on They discuss this quite a lot.

  4. Ranjit, I figure honesty is always the best policy in relationships. The fact that you wear legwear should not be any sort of deep, dark secret, because--as we try to demonstrate here on The Nylon Gene--there is nothing at all 'wrong' with it in the first place. It's 'no big deal.' There would be nothing to gain by keeping something hidden and then one day announcing it, rather than meeting the woman who will love you for who you are. Yes, you may miss out on a few who pass you over because they don't like the tights, but then again, there will also be some who don't like your smile, hairstyle, etc.

    The fact that you're wearing legwear should be something in the background, sort of like what style of shoes you're wearing, or your hairstyle. I wouldn't let it seem to be something that takes on more prominence than is warranted.

  5. Ranjit, I posted my reply before I saw Jennifer's. She does make a valid point also. I guess you'll just have to weigh the pros and cons of each viewpoint and decide for yourself.

  6. Why should men wear pantyhose?

    Interesting turkish blog positive comments 50 negative 5

  7. Steve and Ranjit,

    I forgot to mention one more important thing and this might negate some of what I earlier wrote or maybe it won't. There are general guidelines for men and women to follow when meeting their dating partners. When a man meets a woman, looking down at her legs is usually not considered good etiquette since it would give her an uncomfortable feeling that he only cares how attractive she dresses than judging her for what she is overall. The same could be said of the reverse case scenario of a woman looking oddly at a guy's legs just because he is wearing tights and getting concerned or simply laughing at him. Perhaps it could be argued that a man wearing tights without fear but without giving the impression of showing off could in fact be a strong litmus test as to whether a woman takes the man seriously for what he is inside and out regardless of what he wears. Besides, there's always a saying "Never judge a book by its bookcover."

  8. Jennifer/Ranjit: There is certainly something to be said for women finding a man who is strong and confidant attractive. It takes a man who has a high degree of confidence in his masculinity to wear tights or sheer hose out in public without fear of people's opinion. Make sure you can do so beforehand. You don't want to go about wearing tights and then looking or acting like a scared squirrel. Women will pick up on that, and it won't be the tights that torpedo you--it's the lack of confidence.

  9. When another fearless nylons weared men`s photos see? I don`t afraid to be different too. :)

  10. Just curious why you dont post men wearing your nylongs w/ their dress slacks or a suit. Ive always found sheer nylon to look very well w/ nice slacks and particularly a suit. Just curious. I understand they are appropriate for warmth and sporting but w/ a suit and nice loafers theyre particularly nice looking in my opinion :-) Jack

  11. That your photo of you in your dress loafers w/ sheer brn hose on? Very nice! Jack

  12. Jack: Point taken. The only difficulty is that often times it takes a bit more effort to get a photo where the hosiery will show up, either because it's covered completely by long pants, or such a small amount is visible as to not be very noticable at all in a photo.

    However, I do have some photos of myself from the days when I was still wearing 'office' attire to work every day that I can post. Unless it was very cold out, I always wore sheer black legwear under dress slacks, which took the place of socks. I imagine anyone with whom I worked with who cared to notice would've been aware that I wore sheer legwear, because I never felt the need to keep it a secret--or to go around announcing it, either.

  13. Steve Id sure love to see the photos of you in your dress attire w/ your sheer black hose. Id most definately have commented as I find that look extremely attractive...and wear sheer black nylon w/ my suits/dress clothes. Thanks very much. Jack

  14. I enjoy the feeling of stockings, be they thigh hi;s or pantyhose. Yes I do wear stockings with shorts. Here in Fl I will not hide my hose under long pants - its too hot. I've had a few looks but no one has said anything. If someone did I'd just say - You dont really want to see my bare legs" LOL. Anyway I'm a 68yo guy and I do what I please. Its time men wore what is comfortable, we've been regelated to uncomfortable clothes waay too long.


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