Sunday, June 26, 2011

Compression Tights--How Compression Clothing Can Help Athletic Performance

Compression Tights--How Compression Clothing Can Help Athletic Performance

Someone sent me a link to this article. I looked it over and--lo and behold--that's a photo of me they've used to illustrate the concept of compression tights for athletics! Imagine my surprise. But there was nothing improper about the author's use of the photo, so no one should get the wrong idea. I've posted it online quite awhile back for the purposes of publicizing ActivSkin, and it's licensed under the Creative Commons 'share-alike' license for use by others.

As for the photo, I took it with the help of my wife (who snapped the photo of me as I was running), and modified it with PhotoShop to give the impression of movement with the blurring. It is one of my more favorite ones I did while still actively employed by ActivSkin, and I don't mind it being used elsewhere. As for the legwear, I was wearing ActivSkin A677s in black. These are full-compression, sheer hosiery with a fly opening in the front. They're very comfortable and provide good leg support.

BTW, the article linked above is a good one also.  Alexis Mabury pretty much nails the reasons/benefits of compression tights for runners, cyclists, etc.  She also includes references to scientific studies to lend credence to the discussion.  Make sure to check it out...


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