Sunday, October 18, 2009

Supplies Shipped to Troops Include Pantyhose

I noted in a recent article in the Gadsden (AL) Times (Movers and Shakers Ship Supplies to Battalion Stationed in Kuwait) that among the items being shipped to troops stationed in the Mideast are pantyhose. Anyone familiar with The Nylon Gene, or ACTIVSKIN, may not be surprised at this news, but the average person on the street is not likely to be familiar with the benefits provided by nylon/lycra pantyhose for the soldier.

Back in 2003/04, there was a flurry of media coverage of the use of pantyhose by U.S. troops stationed in Iraq as a defense against sand fleas, as well as chafing and blisters caused by boots and rough uniforms in that sandy climate. As a result, ACTIVSKIN received many orders from Stateside loved ones sending them to their men in uniform.

Discussion of military life has seemed to fade a bit to the background in the past couple of years. Yet, they are still there carrying out their mission. It was good to read this story about people assembling packages of goods to send over to them. I'd like to take this opportunity to also remind readers that if you have a loved one serving in the Mideast who has had to deal with sand fleas and such, you can order a few pairs of our ACTIVSKIN A677s to send over in your next CARE package--or, we can send them directly if so directed.

When ordering, be sure to take advantage of the 20% discount we offer for all active duty military. Just go to the "Great Deals" tab on the ActivSkin website. BTW, there are many styles that would do, but I suggested the A677s because they are sheer, and therefore cooler; they have a fly opening; and they glide well under pants and would be very good for avoiding blisters and chafing.

In closing, I'd also like to reprint a very good letter I received several months ago from a retired military person in support of our ACTIVSKIN legwear:

April 23, 2009
Mr. Newman:

Just want to congratulate you on your endeavor to get men's hosiery into the mainstream.

I have purchased some of ActivSkins products. They were just what I needed for several endeavors. We here in the military (I am both a former Marine and Army paratrooper) have worn pantyhose for several years... simply as a means to an end, i.e. keeping leeches off our genitals during swamp training... and also as the first layer of clothing during cold weather training. Myself and others do not wear them outwardly (you are a brave man Mr. Newman!) but pantyhose are a lifesaver for us fellas in the military. BTW. Navy SEALS started to wear pantyhose for protection against leeches as early as Vietnam! Not to mention... many Marines wear them to protect aginst ticks at Camp Lejeune, N.C.

I myself have worn pantyhose during long force marches. We generally 'ruck up' with a ruck sack that weighs nearly 50 lbs or more... to include our helmets, rifles, web gear, etc. Comfilons [former brand name] hose have quite literally saved my feet and legs from all kinds of complications that come with long force/road marches. My legs feel invigorated, warm, and I love the support! Not to mention... the nylon on our feet prevents blisters, as they are a guard against socks slipping and sliding in our boots.

As for your detractor's... I see that women wear everything that we men have in our wardrobe (to include our underwear, i.e. 'boy shorts') and society is just fine with that, no friction whatsoever. Yet, let a man wear ActivSkin openly, and the hoots of derision begin. Again, I applaud you for your efforts.

Just thought I'd drop you a line to encourage you and thank you!
Don't Quit!


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