Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Did Anyone Here Actually Hear The Interview?...

Are there any Nylon Gene readers that actually heard the Oct. 27 interview on The Mancow Show? I used my digital recorder to tape it from the online, "Listen Live" link--and then proceeded to inadvertently delete it. Next I downloaded the audio file of the day's show, hoping to be able to hear it played back. But I found that the audio file doesn't seem to contain anything other than several setups he did for it, preceding the interview itself. Murphy's Law has certainly not been repealed...


  1. I didn't hear it. Searched for it but couldn't find anything relating to that subject.

  2. I too listened on the 27th. I heard at least one teaser for the segment, saw your name in the line up pictured above and even heard the quote you referenced. BUT, I heard no interview @8:10 A.M. or shortly thereafter. I figured the show was running late or something and tuned out in order to get ready for work. Obviously I didn't miss anything. I was really looking forward to hearing you do battle with the Mancow.

    The "To thine own self be true" quote is apt though. For Mancow to say that, regardless of whether or not the interview aired, is a tacit endorsement, don't you think? As hose wearers, we are doing just that, being true to ourselves.

    Finally, I met Mancow briefly at a book signing. His inscription (at my request and to his vehement agreement and slight change from the original)was "Live Free or Die Tryin". While you may not have had an aired interview, I think that Eric could not find any room for ridicule because then he would be exposed as a hypocrite to his own political and life's philosophy and standing. In my mind, there is no loss here. FWIW Dave Andrews


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