Saturday, October 24, 2009

MLB Playoffs: Tights Help Players Weather Playoffs

An article at asserts something we've been saying for quite some time. Tights are an effective weapon against the cold for athletes. The article, entitled, "Dodgers Ready to Weather Philly's Chill" (see the Media Blogroll for links) includes the following quote.

..Poole, however, said he's not aware of any player who will wear thermal underwear.

"They're wearing the Nike tights," he said. "They wick the moisture off the body. No one wears thermals anymore. It's the new technology. The tights are thinner and can be worn under the uniform and they are more like skin.

Basically, the article says Major League Baseball recognizes that thermal underwear (i.e., 'longjohns') is yesterday's technology. It keeps you warm at the price of having bulky material under your clothing or uniform that inhibits movement and doesn't feel too good in comparison to tights.

A similar article by the Associated Press describes "How Ballplayers Stay Warm When Playoffs Turn Cold". In it, California Angels equipment manager Ken Higdon recommends, among other things, to "...wear tights."

Of course, that's precisely what we've been saying at ACTIVSKIN all along. 'Warmth-without-bulk' is a great benefit for athletes who need an insulating layer that allows complete freedom of movement. And, they come in both opaque and sheer fabrics to provide greater or lesser levels of base-layer insulation, respectively. While Nike or Under Armor cite materials technology that may tweak a bit more wicking action out of the material, it comes at a premium that also drives the price much higher. ACTIVSKIN provides similar insulation value and wicking action at a much lower price. Not everyone is an MLB player or Olympic athlete--nor does everyone have Major League or Olympic budget for athletic wear, either.

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  1. Those Nike tights are $35-70 depending on the weight. I can get a pair of Activskin's for a fraction of that and they are basically the same thing!


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