Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Halloween's here, and today we'll see lots of people in costume. Some will go all out. Others--like me--just add a little something out of the ordinary, to shake things up a bit.

I've still got two kids of trick-or-treating age, and one of the other two are in the 'bordline' zone. All of them are old enough to go out without one of us parents going along. So, when Beggar's Night came this week, Mrs. Nylon Gene and I got to stay home and hold down the fort, passing out candy and seeing whether anyone did a double take at my legwear choice.

Legwear lends itself well to costumes, as was evident by observing all those who came to our driveway looking for candy. It used to be just about the only time males could wear tights or other hosiery without drawing odd glances. That, of course, has changed considerably these past several years, due in large part to advocacy activities of ACTIVSKIN and other sellers of men's legwear. Although most days, camo tights like these would probably draw at least a few comments, last night they didn't even warrant so much as a second glance.

OK, Kids... don't eat all of your candy at once...


  1. Hey, where'd you get the camo tights, they look cool!

  2. Id sure love to know where to get a pair of those cammo nylons!! :-) Jack

  3. They're not commercially available just now. When there's more information available in the future, I'll be sure to post it.

  4. I hope that Comfilon will carry them! I bet they would sell great, just think of the market - military, hunters, and just cool peope who like wearing camo! How can you say that THAT is not a masculine pattern!

  5. Halloween addition all products


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