Thursday, October 8, 2009

Reprint Available: Santa Barbara News-Press article

On Sept. 14th, I reported to Nylon Gene readers that the Santa Barbara News-Press had run a feature-length piece on men's shapewear/legwear. Some were disappointed to learn that viewing the article required a News-Press subscription, and many declined registering for one. On top of that, the article was moved to archives after 7 days and was no longer available. I've posted the text of this article on the blog, and you can see it by going to the posts for that date. The article focused on Pete Johnson, a Santa Barbara resident who tried on ActivSkin support pantyhose and Ecumen's shaper tank top. Two side articles explored these two products (and yours truly) in greater depth. My apologies for taking so long to have it posted, but my efforts were complicated by the News-Press' procedures.

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