Sunday, October 25, 2009

Steve Newman To Be Interviewed on Mancow Muller Radio Show

A heads up for Nylon Gene readers: I'm scheduled to be interviewed by Eric Muller on the 'Mancow Muller' Radio Show this Tuesday, October 27th. I'll be on the air about 7:10am (CDT).

The show is nationally syndicated and carried on many local radio stations. You can go to the show's website at to see if a local station in your area carries the show. If not, go to the website around the time of the interview and listen live.

I'll try to post the audio of the interview where you can listen not too long afterwards. I don't know exactly how it will go, but I'm hoping that the national exposure will generate some beneficial spinoff publiciity for men's legwear. Feel free to Tweet some reminders so your friends will know about it, too.

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