Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Athletes Hope Stockings Can Improve Blood Flow

Honolulu Star BulletinThe following article appeared this week in the Honolulu Star Bulletin. It does a pretty good job of describing the benefits that support hosiery--such as ACTIVSKIN Legwear--can provide to runners and other athletes.
Athletes hope stockings can improve blood flow - Hawaii Features -

Several of the various studies cited found performance enhancement from improved bloodflow in the legs, although not all of them confirmed this result. However, most did find that 'athletes experienced reduced muscle soreness and recovered from exercise more quickly." Since the majority of athletes tend to fall into the 'weekend warrior' category--rather than elite athletes such as those studied--we might expect this to be a significant benefit to potential ACTIVSKIN customers.

ActivSkin Legwear provides warmth-without-bulk, PLUS leg compression to help with performanceThe article didn't focus on this, but I've posted articles here before noting the climate control benefit of nylon/lycra legwear for runners, cyclists and other outdoor athletes. In addition to the aforementioned leg compression benefits, sheer or thin opaque legwear initially provides a moderate degree of insulation for bare legs when it's cold out, yet does not cause overheating when the internal body temperature rises during exercise.

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