Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mantyhose Radio Interview: Anchorage, Alaska

Today, I was interviewed by Kathy Phillips of KUDO 1080-AM Radio in Anchorage. She and her co-host started off by observing that men all over the place have been wearing women's pantyhose for added warmth while hunting--and there are certainly a lot of hunters in Alaska. Both seemed to think, "why not?"

At first they thought our legwear would be good for 'drag queens', but then after looking over my blog, they had realized there are actually many more applications for practical reasons. (NOTE: This station is listed as "Progressive Talk Radio" so it seems they're probably more inclined to favor those inclinations than most people we deal with. I don't think they realized at first that's not the direction we are headed with ActivSkin.)

The questions first centered around my career transition from civil engineering to marketing men's pantyhose, and Kathy asked me how I got into this business. Other questions included: How does ActivSkin legwear differ from women's pantyhose?... Do they come in different colors in the opaques?... What sort of reasons, or target markets, do we anticipate for our legwear?... Do you have a lot of hunting groups who buy our legwear?... Do we have any that didn't have feet in them?... They made the suggestion that we develop a 'Spanx for Men' that we could call, "Manx". (I told them about our A313 'Ab-Sense' shaper briefs that we already sell)

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