Friday, September 25, 2009

A Quick Update: Tights Have U.K. All A-Twitter

Just a brief little update on what's going on. Many of you, especially in the UK, have been seeing the wave of men's legwear publicity surrounding news of Selfridge's (a London-based department store) launching a line of men's tights. The Daily Mail, Telegraph, and Evening Standard ran articles covering this item, although the coverage leaves much to be desired. However, the surge in attention paid to men's tights in Britain have brought ACTIVSKIN into the public eye as well. Just this morning before 8:00am, I've given two phone interviews for BBC Radio Kent and Radio Wales...

I'm working on getting the audio in a form that I can share easily with Nylon Gene readers. In the mean time, you can go to the following links to listen online to the recording:

Jamie & Louise/BBC Wales - Open the player and slide the bar to about 0:10:00 (and 0:15:00, 0:21:00, 0:29:30, 0:52:00, 1:11:00, 1:38:00, 1:57:30) for some of the setup. Go to about 2:50:00 for the interview itself.

Andy Garland/BBC Kent - Go to the player, you can slide the slider around until you find it. I've not had the chance to find where it is in the 3 hour time slot. The only guidance I can give right now is that I did the interview about 7:50am, which would be 12:50pm GMT. Since I believe he's on from 10:00am to 1:00pm, my interview might be located around 2:50:00 in the program.

If you listen, please post your comments and feedback below.

One more thing: After these articles ran, it was amazing how the Twitter activity on #mantyhose skyrocketed. I was checking in on Thursday evening and my keyword alert was full of posts commenting on them. You can join the conversation if you search on the Twitter hashtag #mantyhose. Include the tag in your posts, too. That helps increase the tracking, which might get it listed in the Trending Topics. It's a good opportunity to engage those people who are currently carrying around mis-informed negative ideas of men's legwear. Just remember to be gracious and civil in your discussion. Also, you can help us increase awareness and web traffic at ActivSkin and The Nylon Gene by using these the following links, and, respectively, to refer people to the sites.


  1. Hi Steve,

    The Radio Kent piece begins at 2:47:30. Just a quick heads up for those wanting to catch the interviews; these shows will only be available on the BBC iPlayer for 7 days from the original date of broadcast.

    Both were great interviews, I think you did a fantastic job.

  2. The Radio Kent interview was good, stressing the practical reasons for wearing - which have been 'secretly' true for a long time for many men - and not getting into the sensual side of things or seeming to be defensive. This must have gone some way to denting the impression this is something only for the 'oddball community', but tights are worn for real benefits by men who are the least likely to be in any way girlie or 'prance about' as you put it!

  3. Denis, I agree. I liked how Louise on Radio Kent cited a litany of the many walks of life from which men are wearing tights. Jamie and Louise seemed to take a quite balanced perspective--unlike much of the print/online coverage that's been published in the last several days.

    Radio Wales, with Andrew Garner, seemed to be a bit more predisposed toward a contra view going in. However, I think he may have softened on that a bit by the end.


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