Wednesday, September 16, 2009

News-Press Article, "He's Got Legs! It Takes a Real Man to Test Latest Fashion Trend"

The Santa Barbara (CA) News-Press ran an extensive story on men's legwear and shapewear on Monday of this week (Sept. 14th) on the front page of their Life Section. The article focused extensively on ActivSkin legwear and the recently introduced Core Precision undershirt by Ecumen, and how they can serve as 'shaper' garments for men looking to shave a few inches off their bodies, without resorting to all that exercise stuff. You can access the article by clicking on this link, or the one provided in the "Legwear In the News" list in the right-hand column of this blog.

While we don't spend a great deal of effort promoting the 'shaper' qualities of our legwear, several styles do in fact 'suck things in' enough to help a guy fit into his clothes a little easier, and thus improve his appearance a bit. We sent the reporter/editor a couple of pairs of our legwear for use in the story. The two styles they used were A582 (in black) and A2019 (in tan). The A582 has a very snug shaper brief that was probably the pair that the test subject (Mr. Johnson) tore up in his first trial.

We always try to provide very specific instructions for putting on legwear--especially when guys with absolutely no experience in donning hosiery are testing it out for a newspaper story like this. This time was no different, either. But, as the reporter told me later during our interview, they purposely did not share the instructions with him for the first trial, just to see how he would do on his own. Thus, there's little surprise he shredded the first pair. For the second, he was provided with the instructions, and it seems to have made a big difference.

We were very pleased with the article. It was a very in-depth look at men's legwear, which was reflected in the very lengthy interview I gave over the phone. The reporter asked a wide range of questions that showed he was truly interested in learning more about men's legwear.

For those who are interested in our other shaper products, we offer a nylon/spandex brief nicknamed, "Ab-Sense" (Style A313, $13.99 each) that comes up high on the abdomen and can be counted on to suck in the ol' beer gut a bit, and will stay up without rolling down around your waist. So, click on the link and enjoy the article.

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