Friday, September 18, 2009

Bad News/Good News: ActivSkin Price Increases

ActivSkin Men's Legwear: Mantyhose prices on the riseOK, I've got good news and bad news. Which do you want first? (No, this isn't the setup for a stale joke). Here's the bad news: Price increases. ACTIVSKIN has kept prices steady for the past five years in the face of rising costs and shrinking margins. Suppliers have been faced with higher nylon and spandex costs and have wasted no time in passing those cost increases along to ACTIVSKIN. Shipping costs (from the mills) have risen, and packaging and office supplies have gone up considerably as well. Therefore, as of mid-October prices will go up pretty much across the board, to keep pace. What's the good news? Read on to find out...

Demand for products is still very strong, so ACTIVSKIN believes this price adjustment will be successful in the long term.

What this means for you, the customer, is that now is an ideal time to purchase the products you've been thinking of buying, but at a lower price than they you will see this time next month. Most products will go up around a dollar or two, depending on specific wholesale cost increases. Individually, this is not a lot, but the savings can be significant if you buy in quantity and act before it’s too late.

Gerbe luxury legwear wholesale prices went up a great deal, thus retail price increases will be more substantial than the other brands. ACTIVSKIN is not sure of the exact date of the increase, but anticipates it to be around October 15th.

Gerbe Satin 20 men's sheer knee-high socksHere's the good news: ACTIVSKIN is pleased to announce that Gerbe sheer Satin 20 knee-high socks--a very popular product that gets rave reviews from loyal followers--are now available in navy color. These sheer socks feature a reinforced heel and toe, comfortable top band, and a very nice finish. The support they provide is outstanding. So if you want to dip your toe into the luxury socks market and find out why Gerbe quality is worth the price ($16.99 per pair prior to the price increase), give this style a try. Gerbe products are virtually never returned by customers. Given the higher prices of these luxury items, you can be sure customers wouldn't hesitate to return them if they weren't happy with their purchase.

Plain and simple... Gerbe customers love Gerbe products.

To check them out, go to:

ActivSkin Style A560 semi-sheer men's pantyhose in blackLast month ACTIVSKIN announced a new Style A560, which was identified as a sheer-to-waist pantyhose, with a fabric that was heavier than conventional sheer pantyhose but lighter than opaque tights. Some might call it, "semi-sheer." This new style provides full support with a very substantial amount of leg compression. Since it was introduced in August, sales of Style A560 have gone through the roof. The enthusiastic response took ACTIVSKIN by surprise! It was the most successful new product introduction in recent memory, surpassing even the phenomenal introduction of the A677 sheer pantyhose with fly opening. If you haven’t done so already, give A560 a try and see why so many customers love them! You can find them here:

ActivSkin Style A866 men's opaque tightsIt’s also time to start thinking about autumn and cool weather here in the temperate climes of the northern hemisphere. Style A866 support tights (and A876, which is identical but footless) are poised to be the most popular style going when those frosty mornings arrive. They glide well under trousers, provide good compression, and the fit is superb since they're so stretchy. They also feature a convenient but unobtrusive fly opening. Order yours now while all the sizes are still in stock at:

ActivSkin Style A1730 men's STW pantyhose in blackFor ACTIVSKIN customers in the southern hemisphere and other warm climates, consider our very popular A1730 STW all-nylon pantyhose. They're an excellent choice.

Happy wearing!


  1. hi,my name is bill phillips and i live in rushville,illinois. and i have never worn men's pantyhose and tights.i was wondering should i wear pantyhose.because i seen women and girls wear pantyhose and i think they look very you guys give out free samples.thamk you

  2. Well, let's hope that money isn't as tight as the product ....

  3. Hi, Bill. Ummm... your question sounds a bit contrived. I'll leave that one for you to answer. ActivSkin sells tights and hosiery that men find to be useful for helping with improved leg health, warmth-without-bulk, and some athletic benefits--in addition to simply enjoying the comfort they provide.

    On the second question: No. If we made a practice of giving out free samples, we would find it very hard to pay our expensese and stay in business, right?

  4. All men must wear sheer nylon pantyhose. Don't forget guys pantyhose not only for women...

  5. Well Adam, we would certainly like that to happen. ActivSkin could then become the Microsoft of men's legwear(!) However, we're realistic enough to acknowledge that there will always be a fair percentage of guys who will never go for it, regardless of whether it's consider to be male, female or unisex garment. Not everyone has 'The Nylon Gene' (read my post entitled, "What IS The Nylon Gene?) whether they be men or women. So, no matter how convincing our arguments may be, we'll never get them all.

    We don't know what percentage of men would wear legwear if there were no social traditions telling us tights and hose are for women--but we believe it's much higher than the number of men who would consider wearing it at the current time. We would feel as though we've done our job well if we can promote legwear as a masculine garment to the extent that men decide whether they like the benefits of wearing it based solely on their merits alone--and no thought whatsoever as to what people may think of it.

  6. boy with nylon sheer socks suffers from others teasing,
    what can be done?


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