Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fall Legwear = Friday Night High School Football

Steve & Deb Newman at Hilliard Darby Football GameOne of the signs that Fall is here (unofficially) is that High School football is in full swing on Friday nights. Mrs. Nylon Gene and I went to watch our Hilliard Darby Panthers play Newark (OH), and also had the treat of seeing our 8th grader get to march with the band at halftime. It was middle school night. My purpose for writing of this in The Nylon Gene is because of the reaction of people in the stands to my wearing sheer black legwear to the football game (ACTIVSKIN Style A560, which are actually semi-sheer). The experience should be of interest to guys who already wear legwear. You'll never guess what happened...

NOTHING!... If you wear legwear, but worry that friends and acquaintances may accuse you of wearing women's wear--read on...

Middle school night at Hilliard Darby High SchoolWe arrived early, for the pregame festivities, although it was already fairly crowded in the stands. We walked around a bit, while we scanned the crowd for familiar faces. Finally we saw a couple of our kids' friends' moms and took a seat in front of them. While we made our way to the seats; sat and watched the game; waited in line at the concessions; or as I took my son's trumpet case to him after halftime; the black legwear was certainly in evidence. It's rather remarkable how few people took any notice at all, however, since a guy wearing sheer black legwear is still a fairly unusual sight. One might expect pointed stares from all quarters, and even some whispered comments--but that wasn't the case. But then again, I've come to expect little or no notice when I wear dark colored legwear. I should note that in my role as a leading men's legwear advocate, I primarily gravitate toward noticeable shades of legwear so that I can personally promote men's hosiery in my day-to-day activities, even when I'm not engaged in conversation about it. Despite this, a good many people take no notice at all when I'm wearing black or dark brown sheer hose with shorts.

That being said, there were a fair number at the game who did take some notice of my legwear. Most simply lingered momentarily with their gaze and moved on. A few stared a bit longer while trying to appear as if they weren't looking. Yet, to the best of my observations, none seemed to harbor negative thoughts about this novel attire. My perception of the predominant reaction was simply one of curiosity. This harmonizes with conversations on men's legwear I've had on many occasions with a wide variety of people.

Steve Newman after Friday Nite Football gameFor the benefit of guys who may be intimidated by someone noticing and staring at their legwear, it's important to remember the majority of people on the street have yet to be personally exposed to the existence of 'mantyhose' or men's legwear. However, there's a good chance they've read something about it, given the growing media coverage of late. The majority of these articles tend to dispel myths that would associate the new sheer and opaque tights for men with cross dressing and such.

Thus, when personally confronted with it for the first time, some may take a second look because it is something unexpected and out of the ordinary. It doesn't follow that they disapprove of what they see, nor that they think there's something 'wrong' with it. Think of the last time you saw a new model sports car with very unique styling. You probably turned your head to watch as it went by, and the driver didn't assume your stare was disapproving. It may have been... But one couldn't infer that just from the fact you were staring.

During my many travels while wearing dark-colored legwear with shorts, very few people actually stare at my legs. Those that do typically don't betray any negative perceptions with their faces, nor have I encountered any in my conversations about this growing trend. So it would seem that sheer and opaque tights for men have moved ever closer to the mainstream. The aforementioned media coverage has certainly raised public awareness of male legwear as a truly masculine option--establishing nylon legwear for men as a practical option to address a range of legitimate issues faced by men.

So, if you're one of the thousands who've been wearing male legwear for some time, but don't want to forego wearing shorts, take heart. Legwear for men is quickly moving toward the mainstream. You can wear your legwear openly while keeping your masculinity firmly intact.


  1. Stop Manipulating Men into thinking Your Fagtyhose are For Men. The guy in the Photo looks more Like a Homo with Confident than anything else, Hes Not a MAN< And that Is not Being a Men. This has nothing to do with man Hood No Way NEAR.European HOmo keep your Garbage on your End Dont try to Bring this out in Public . FAGS

  2. Normally, the only comments I reject as moderator are those that are abusive, or veer into fetish or similar strangeness. Clearly, the anonymous man(?) that wrote the foregoing has stumbled way over that line. But I chose to publish it so others can see an example of some of the narrow-mindedness that lurks out there and apparently feels very threatened by men's legwear.

    Let's take a close look into this poor tortured soul's mind to see what his comments reveal:

    1. He thinks we're manipulating men into wearing legwear ("whoa! how'd THESE get on my legs?!"), so therefore he's afraid we'll somehow trick him into wearing them.

    2. He thinks men who wear them must be gay. He even thinks the guy in the photo is gay. He doesn't know just how wrong he is, 'cuz that guy is me, and that's my wife next to me. (warning: don't even think about insulting my wife, buddy...)

    3. He's afraid we're going to somehow manipulate HIM into wearing hose, he'll find out he likes them, and the only conclusion he could then draw about himself is... well, we'll let him struggle with that.

    4. He also doesn't realize that ActivSkin is a US-based company that's been selling legwear to red-blooded American men for 10 years. Men like those who are defending his freedoms right now in Iraq and Afghanistan. Men who put out fires and rescue narrow-minded fools from bar-fights when they get in over their heads. Men who love their wives and support their kids.

    So, I'm sorry Mr. 'anonymous' that I had to tee off on you like this. I'm usually pretty easy going, and try not to insult people online. I don't have any problem at all with people who don't like the legwear that I, or other real men like me choose to wear. People are entitled to their opinions. But all of the publicity in the UK over their new 'mantihose' line has brought some real low-brow types out of the woodwork who feel it's their prerogative to spew all sorts of insulting, demeaning cr*p just because they are apparently threatened by it and just want to squelch it however they can. Dealing with all that has made me a bit testy this week.

    If you want to use rational language to critique the whole idea, or certain styles in particular, be my guest. We'll have some spirited debate on it, I promise you. But don't come back onto my blog again and try to spew that kind of garbage around here because it won't be tolerated.

  3. You know Steve, I would love to let one of these internet bullies experience a couple of my tap out capabilities while wearing hose. Not only would they tap, I bet they would show up at the nearest ju jit su training facility wearing them. That is of course, I decided to let them go.

  4. Ha, well said, Kevin. And I've seen your Facebook profile photo. I've no doubt you could deliver on that.

    BTW, for the benefit of the unitiated that may not know what 'tap out' means, that's a wrestling term--and apparently martial arts, as well--that means you've overpowered your opponent to the point where they tap the mat and are basically crying "Uncle". I know that because my son wrestled in school for 3 years.

    Thanks, Kevin.

  5. I am a frequent mantyhose but I have yet to build up my confidence to wear them outside and in front of people so what would you recommend me to do. I am a frequent reader of your blog and I always say to myself how do you build up your confidence to do so.


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