Friday, September 25, 2009

BBC Radio: Two Interviews in One Day

Today was a very active day with respect to media interaction. I did two radio interviews about men's tights with the BBC before breakfast. The first, with BBC Radio Kent, took place around 6:50 am, which is 11:50 am in Britain. The other one was with BBC Radio Wales at about 7:30 am Eastern Time (12:30pm GMT). Read on for a synopsis and audio links so you can listen to them...

BBC Radio Kent Interview: Powered by
The interview with Radio Kent was done by Andy Garland. While he was polite enough during the two to three minute interview, I suspect that, of the two interviewers he was probably the least favorbly disposed to men's tights going in. I say this based on the 'man on the street' interviews they aired prior to my coming on the air. That's always a good reason to listen in prior to the start of your interview, as it sometimes gives you an insight into where they are coming from, and also allows you to possibly address some of the issues already in the interviewer's mind. The questions included ones about how long we've been selling men's tights?... What do you wear under or over them?... How many Americans are wearing them?...

BBC Radio Wales Interview: Powered by
The co-hosts who did the BBC Radio Wales interview--Jamie Owen and Louise Elliot--seemed possibly more amenable to the subject. The lead-in included discussion of how news of men wearing tights and the launching of 'Mantihose' at Selgridges department store in London had fairly well "gripped the nation." They had received numerous calls and emails from men divulging that they did in fact wear tights under their trousers, including many in Her Majesty's military. Louise noted that these men had been wearing ladies' tights, but they had a guest (me) who would describe a company selling tights made for men.

The questions were good, including the following: Do you have tights on now?... Where did this idea come from?... What's the difference between women's pantyhose and these we sell for men?... What kinds of response have we had?... Is our American audience concerned over how this will look?... Is it correct that the U.S. military have 'tested' our tights?... How do you (me) find wearing them yourself?... Louise also wondered whether camouflage tights would be of interest, given the military's use of them, to which I replied that we've had that idea in development recently.

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