Thursday, May 7, 2009

Will 'Mantyhose' Make Oprah's List of Favorite Things?

We know Oprah wore them to the Inauguration back in January, so we can't help but wonder if Ms. Winfrey thinks highly enough of the idea to include them on her seasonal 'List of Favorite Things'. You say you didn't know she wore men's pantyhose to the Inauguration? You say you thought she hated wearing pantyhose in the first place?

Well, it was easy to miss, but picked up on it and included the news in their summary of celebrity reactions following the ceremonies back on January 20th. To see for yourself, go to this link: Oprah, Jay-Z, Pete Wentz & More React To Obama’s Inauguration and scroll down to the fourth paragraph. I've reprinted the text here:

"I’m front and center and frozen and happy,” Oprah said. “I’m layered and
I’m wearing something called men’s pantyhose. I got hot chilies
in my hand and hot chilies in my boots!”

At the time, I wasn't completely surprised to learn that Ms. Winfrey was wearing 'mens pantyhose' because we had hoped to be making an appearance on her show as part of a panel discussion on the trend around that time. I believe she may have been doing some product research with some ActivSkin samples that may have been sent her way. Unfortunately, at the last minute some breaking news bumped the plans for the show and it has not been rescheduled.

We know Oprah does not like wearing pantyhose (although she did take quite a liking to Sarah Blakely's Spanx footless products) and she was eager to pose the question to guys like myself and other participants: just why would men want to wear something that she hates wearing so much? We continue to hope that the show may be rescheduled some time in the future, but have thus far not heard anything more.

Maybe I've done too good a job with The Nylon Gene blog in explaining all that, and so she thinks the show's a moot point now (he says, tongue-firmly-in-cheek). Well, I certainly hope not. In case you're reading this Oprah, I'd love nothing better than to have the opportunity to share all those reasons in person with you and your viewers.



  2. I was looking forward to Oprah's show on men's pantyhose, and was very disappointed when it did not show. I hope that she will do a show in the future on mens hosiery.


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