Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Did You Vote Today?

Bet many of you forgot that today is Election Day. I didn't... but it was mainly because I'm working at the polls today. It's Oh-Dark-Thirty right now, and I'm getting ready to go out the door to get there in time to work as a paper ballot judge for the off-year primary that's being held today--at least in Ohio.

I've worked two previous elections, and I got a call last month from the Board of Elections to help out, so here we go. These are probably the lightest attended elections, so I'm being sure to bring reading material. I can't believe I'm actually up early enough to write something for the blog today.

So, if you're in Hilliard and voting at the Senior Center (Precinct 4-D, I believe) keep an eye out for the guy wearing dark brown hose and an 'ActivSkin' shirt. If you see me, say "Hi", and thanks for doing your civic duty.

[UPDATE:] I've added a photo from Tuesday. As you can see, turnout was light--about 10% of registered voters, which was about what was expected for the off-year elections with few candidates or issues on the ballot. We certainly had a lot of time to chat about just about everything.

One of the comments below asked if anyone made any comments about the legwear. Surprisingly, given that I was wearing dark brown (Style A677), most people did not realize I was wearing hose, until I made mention of it myself. As in the photo, in some cases I had to show I was in fact wearing hose by tugging on the nylon. Up to that point, most thought I just had a dark tan on my legs. Men who wear hosiery that are shy about it should take note of this, as well as the fact that when friends and associates learned of it, they thought it was 'pretty cool.'

Since my mission is to publicize men's legwear, I took the opportunity to share the concept with my fellow election officials (two of whom are pictured with me) as well as those friends and acquaintenances I encountered during the day. As I said above, without exception, I encountered a very warm reception to the idea as I described it to them. Most everyone has plenty of ideas for areas where I might find applications for men's legwear. To all those who've offered me suggestions, I offer my sincere appreciation. I'll be looking into many of those if I haven't already begun doing so.

Our precinct was located in the local senior center. I'm exploring the opportunity with the director to possibly give a presentation of some sort to the seniors on the health aspects of wearing support hosiery for men. I think 'health fairs' of this sort (not strictly directed toward seniors) can be a valuable venue for getting the word out about the latest developments in men's legwear.


  1. so how was it today, did anybody comment your legs?

  2. I want wear pantyhose too.

  3. George, if you want to, then why not just go right ahead and do it? If there's one thing my experience being the 'point man' for men's legwear should demonstrate, it's that if you're a guy who is currently wearing hosiery, or has considered it, and you're afraid to do so, you shouldn't be.

    Men's legwear has been a news item for a while now, and it's becoming fairly common understanding that men are now wearing sheer and opaque hosiery for what we would refer to as 'mainstream' reasons.

    I've gotten quite a few supportive comments about being 'brave' enough to wear hose with shorts--but it's just simply a matter of having enough confidence in yourself to wear what you want to wear. If you're confident in your masculinity, why would wearing legwear detract from that?


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