Tuesday, May 12, 2009

10-Year Anniversary Sale

Comfilon's ActivSkin
Steve Katz, the president of ActivSkin, has sent the following letter to all of our customers, offering a 10% discount in honor of our 10th Anniversary...

Dear ComfiLon's Activskin Customer,

Ten years! At the very end of April in 1999, we announced our men’s line of legwear, much to the amusement of the naysayers who said it would be a short-lived venture. We were a dot-com at the height of the dot-com craze. But where are some of them now? We’re still here and going strong.

We started with just 2 product styles – A849 and A549, which are still with us and have been our flagship products ever since. We’ve expanded greatly over the years and we now offer over 70 different styles of legwear, loungewear, underwear, sleepwear, and intimate wear. We have listened to our customers, developed products they wanted, and we’ve all reaped the benefits. It’s been a great ride so far! Thanks for being part of it.

We’re still continuing to innovate and stay in the lead position. We have several products in the works that should be announced in the next couple of months as they become available. We’re also working on a major renovation to the web site to make it more amenable to showing so many styles.

In honor of ten years online, we’re going to celebrate! Throughout the rest of May, take 10% off your purchase with the promotion code TENPCT. Use that code when checking out. There is a minimum order of 3 items, and the promotion is just for Internet orders, not good for phone or mail orders. It applies to every product we sell, so now’s the time to take advantage of some savings and get some great merchandise.

Until next month -


Steven Katz
G. Lieberman & Sons, Ltd.
P.O. Box 193, Granville, Ohio 43023 USA
Phone 877-587-2860 (toll free in US/Canada)
Phone 740-587-2860 (elsewhere)
gls@glieberman.com www.comfilon.com
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