Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Nylon Gene Milestone Reached: 10,000+

Last week sometime, we passed an important milestone here at The Nylon Gene, and it nearly went unnoticed, since I had not been keeping close track of the cummulative total. Last week we had our 10,000th first time visitor to the blog since we began tracking on April 5th. We've been averaging more than 1400 per week.

I must say I am flattered by the feedback we've received here since we started out. It pleases me to see that there is as much interest out there as this number indicates. As it stands today, there have been 15,193 unique visitors to The Nylon Gene, comprised of 11,196 first time visitors and 3,997 returning visitors. While by far the largest number came from the United States, I am also pleased to see that 55% of our visits have come from overseas--75 countries to be exact.

We've seen the steady growth in returning readers over these past two months. It started out in the 20s or 30s of returning visitors each day, climbing to an average of 50 per day for the month of April. For the month of May, The Nylon Gene averaged 82 returning visitors per day. And, yes... that's even considering that it's dropped off ever so slightly in the past week or two because I have not been as prolific at posting as I had been earlier.

My apologies for that, readers, but I have been busily attacking the great iceberg that is the men's legwear market. That has left me little time for writing new blog posts. But, I plan on rectifying that. In fact, I even have several partial ones floating out there in blog limbo--waiting to be finished and posted. So keep on the lookout and I'll be sure to get some new content out there for you.

To conclude, thank you readers for visiting (and commenting). I hope to keep the content fresh enough to keep turning many of you first time visitors into returning visitors... and of course, into ActivSkin customers!


  1. Congratulations! Sure enjoying your site. Jack

  2. awesome news! always comin back :)


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