Thursday, May 7, 2009

Durability of ActivSkin

We get questions from potential customers about the durability of ActivSkin legwear from time to time. Yesterday, when I worked the polls was no exception. Two of the ladies with whom I spent the day working asked if they run as easily as women's hosiery. I answered that, while no hosiery is 'run-proof', we tend to think or our ActivSkins as being more durable than many of the women's hose you might buy in the drugstore for instance. Little did I know that I would get a chance to demonstrate it later in the day.

One of the most overlooked hazard to hosiery is the dreaded stackable metal chair. You know the kind I'm talking about. They usually have vinyl padded seats and metal frames that allow them to be stacked for easy storage in multi-purpose rooms. We were using these while sitting at the registration tables in the precinct on Election Day.

Early in the afternoon, I was sitting in one that I hadn't sat in before and had my feet pulled up under the chair as I leaned forward to write. Suddenly, I could feel some jagged metal shavings tugging at the back of my leg. When I looked down, it looked like I had escaped the inevitable shredding of my ActivSkin A677s. But, that wasn't the final word... a short while later I happened to notice two holes in the back about the diameter of my little finger. D*MN! a nearly new pair sacrified for American democracy in action!

Why is this a demonstration of ActivSkin durability? Because, there's not a pair of hose on the planet that would withstand the jagged metal edges of a stackable chair--including my A677s. What was great to see was that a pair of giant runs did not race from the top and bottom of my leg for all of Precinct 4E and 4F to see. In fact, they didn't run at all for the rest of the day and evening. The only reason any run shows at all in the photo above is because I put them back on the following morning just to snap a photo before consigning them to the 'demo' bin.

Just remember: Past performance is no guarantee of future returns, and your experience may differ.


  1. My sister prefer comfilon products she say activskin more durable and comfortable for women too
    now she never buy women pantyhose

  2. Hmmm... hate to tell you this, Sergei, but if your sister wears ActivSkin/ComfiLon, doesn't that make her a cross-dresser? :-)

    But seriously, glad to hear that even the ladies think we've got a superior product. Thanks.

  3. Having taken the basics of finance while I was in college, I think I can relate to why women's pantyhose while cheap ends up in runs while the ones from dedicated manufacturers such as don't. It all has to do with the first concept one is taught. "Whole sale volume sale good for the economy, quality is um not as important" is the mantra that starts it all. Like just about everything, this results in seducing people to buy "cheap" quality versions simply because it's low priced but having to come back for replacements so often makes it more costly in the long run. This is how the "cheap" quality pantyhose became the norm while the better quality tights became tougher to find never mind the price. I have occasionally run across a women's set of pantyhose that claims to be run resistant but the pricing being closer to the typical drug store prices still makes me suspicious so I generally research the brand before making my final decision. I proudly congratulate Activskin/Comfilon for putting quality over quantity and not falling for the "whole-sale volume sale is great for the economy" myth. There are already too many poor quality imports from putting quantity over quality and pantyhose need not be one of those. :)


    NO, we women are not "cheap" buyers and we take quality seriously too and I'll gladly "crossdress". Then again, the first time my father saw me wearing a pantsuit in my slender form, I laughed and nearly wet myself when he said that I looked like a man. :)

  4. Pantyhose for men. Why not? Why everythings of for women ? We support your project. Go on comfilon.
    I wearing 20 years nylons but forcedly women models not sale here men models.

    I hope soon sale comfilon in the istanbul regards

  5. Unnecessary for men. If you wear pantyhose must use skirt.

  6. Hi steve she not c.dresser :) She not against pantyhose for men. According to her good idea.

    Pantyhoseman try russian site for low shipping

  7. Jane, I'd like to direct you to some of the posts here on The Nylon Gene where I go into some detail about the specific reasons that men wear pantyhose... and none of them would also require use of a skirt. I don't get the connection you're making when you say that. Would you care to explain in some more detail?

    Check out my post entitled, "Men's Legwear: A Little Background". It may help fill in a few blanks for you.

  8. I agree pantyhose unnecessary for men and women both. I hate pantyhose. Steve how many men wearing pantyhose in ohio except you?

  9. Cindy, sorry it took me a couple of days to get back to you with an answer to your question. I've been fairly busy with a few things.

    Although I can't tell you how many men are actually wearing pantyhose in Ohio, I do know that we have roughly 500 customers in Ohio. We don't know what percentage of men who wear some type of nylon legwear are ActivSkin customers, so we therefore can only tell you what we know.


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