Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mantyhose on TV - NBC News, Arizona

What did everyone think of the video I had posted at the top of the righthand column? Kinda annoying, right?

I liked the video itself, but the annoying part was how it loaded and ran EVERY time you clicked on any comments, went to another post, etc. Sorry for that annoyance... now I'm just including the link within this particular post. It was a little experiment, but I couldn't quite figure out how to have it appear but not start playing until you clicked on the 'play' button.

As for the content, I'm not sure how old this video is--I think it may have run back in January of this year, possibly. But, it could be newer. It's got some elements that are complimentary and some that are derisive to men wearing hosiery, or 'mantyhose'. Although there was plenty of snickering, the male anchor DID say that he had them on right then, and I don't think he was joking when he said it.

The SNL (Saturday Night Live) parody is funny. For those who haven't seen it, it followed closely after Good Morning America did a spot on men's pantyhose, and Kathy Lee had a package of ActivSkin on air with her, although never identifying it by name, and proceeded to make fun and ridicule it. The interesting thing is that when SNL parodied it the following weekend, they didn't make fun of mantyhose, they made fun of Kathy Lee, in a big way. The really funny thing was, it was hard to tell which was the spoof and which was the real thing.

I'll have to post that on here, so everyone who's not had the benefit of seeing it can see what I'm talking about. For now, here's the Arizona NBC News segment, permantently embedded on this blog page.


  1. Hahahaha super thanks Steve.

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