Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sunday Star Times, 26 Jul 2009. Pg 33

This article ran in New Zealand's Sunday Star Times. It described a resurgence in popularity of pantyhose there, and the recent fortunes of the country's last hosiery maker. What is notable about this article from the standpoint of The Nylon Gene is the inclusion of men's pantyhose in one of the six included in The Great Pantyhose Road Test. Check out the middle one, bottom row: ...

Forme Pantyhose, $9.99. Worn under jeans while housepainting.
Social Acceptability: I didn't tell my workmates and tried not to bend over too far in case they showed at the back. Having said that, I'd probably extol the virtues of pantyhose for men in a bloke talk.
Suffocation Factor: None.
Bathroom Easability: Easy
Recommended: Yes. (Reporter's Note: According to international press, men wear hose for warmth, improved circulation and to stop jellyfish stings while fishing. All Black Allan Hewson infamously wore them to keep warm while playing for Wellington.)
Verdict: Snuggy and comfy, even sexy... very practical for wearing under the jeans on cold days. No one has to know, guys. --James
It's always encouraging to see men's legwear treated so favorably and matter-of-factly in print media, especially as part of such a well written article as this one. Keep up the good work Star-Times, and hats off to Ms. Kim Knight, the author.

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  1. Wearing pantyhose is a HUMAN RIGHT for all men and women


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