Thursday, July 23, 2009

ActivSkin on TV: July 23rd Appearance on NBC

Steve Newman of ActivSkin discusses men's legwear with Gail Hogan on Daytime ColumbusThe July 23rd appearance on NBC4's 'Daytime Columbus' went smoothly. [SEE VIDEO AT END OF THIS POST] This was the 3rd in a series of appearances we've been able to arrange with WCMH-TV in Columbus, OH. The other two, which can be seen either on YouTube (June 8, June 22) or on previous posts here on The Nylon Gene, focused on general leg health aspects of support legwear for men, and occupational factors for which men can find relief by wearing ACTIVSKIN legwear.

ActivSkin is great for runnersThis latest appearance focused on sports and recreational applications for our legwear. Runners and cyclists wear ACTIVSKIN when the weather begins to turn chilly, to keep the early morning chill off their bare legs when the first go out for their run/ride. As anyone who runs/rides can tell you, it doesn't take long before your body heat builds and you can become overheated if you're wearing sweatpants or thicker running tights. The open knit of sheer legwear facilitates evaporation of perspiration, which has a slight cooling effect on the legs. This same phenomenon is present to a lesser extent with the opaque tights. The decision of whether to wear sheer or opaque ACTIVSKIN depends on how cold the weather is, and individual preference.

Legs close-up shot/Daytime Columbus ActivSkin appearanceAn added benefit provided by ACTIVSKIN is the leg support it provides. The moderate degree of leg support can have a beneficial effect on stamina and endurance. Many athletes are already familiar with the benefits of compression shorts, and support tights extend the benefit to the entire lower body.

Other recreational activities where ACTIVSKIN can provide benefits include: soccer, lacrosse, football, basketball (remember the NBA tights from a couple of years ago?), golf, horseback riding, motorcycling, and many others. Each of these draw benefit from both the added warmth-without-bulk, as well as the leg support features. Horseback riders will also appreciate how ACTIVSKIN can eliminate chafing. Many a rider has worn women's pantyhose in the past to avoid a rash from long hours in the saddle. Now, men can wear a garment designed especially for them.

Steve Newman of ActivSkin... Changing hearts and minds, from pantyhose to mantyhoseDuring the interview, I pointed out that we at ActivSkin feel a sense of responsibility to serve in an advocacy position to promote the masculine aspect of legwear to help alleviate the uncertainty some guys may feel when they first begin wearing it. As I said, "We're all about changing hearts and minds--from pantyhose to mantyhose."

If you missed the show, live outside the Columbus viewing area, or would like to see it again, you can watch it here (below). It will be available on the NBC4i website for one week. I've also posted in on YouTube, so you can send links to it, and the previous appearances, to friends. The more things like this get shared and discussed, the faster men's legwear will become firmly planted in the mainstream of mens wear... so make sure and share it with everyone you know. [VIDEO FOLLOWS...]


  1. Great program but very short. Steve you are success.
    For best advertising must send to the Obama gift few pair ActivSkin pantyhose :)

  2. Thanks. Glad you had a chance to catch it. It ran about 5 minutes, which is the standard TV segment length for the show.

    BTW, for the benefit of those who may not know, I believe the above post is referring to Michelle Obama's widely reported remarks on 'The View' disparaging pantyhose.

    Maybe we should send some to the White House, so we can see about getting them included as a benefit in the national healthcare plan. :-)

  3. Try it other national (not local) tv channels too...

    Wow Barack H. Obama wearing pantyhose... Big news for world. Big order request for your company...

  4. Believe me, we're working very hard to get more national exposure. If anyone reading this has a contact they'd like to share with me, that can help make that happen?...

  5. Well done Steve


  6. I want to help yes what can I do

  7. Well, my comment above was referring to whether anyone reading the blog may have some personal contacts in some national media outlet (magazine, TV, newspaper, etc.) that they would be willing to share with me, it would be appreciated. You can contact me at my email address (see link near top of right-hand column) to discuss specifics with me on this.

    Otherwise, I've identified a list of things that men who already wear legwear can do to become better advocates of this emerging trend and posted them in the Legwear As Unisex Fashion (LAUF) blog. However, I think I am going to also post them here for the benefit of Nylon Gene readers. Keep an eye out for it...


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