Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pantyhose: First Layer of Clothing for Sub-Zero Hunting/Camping

ActivSkin Legwear for Men comes in footed and footless versions
I found this very interesting video (see below) on regarding the use of women's pantyhose as a first layer of clothing while hunting/camping in sub-zero temperatures. Rich McNutt (appearing in video) is the author of “Hunter’s Choices: Choices You Can Make to Improve Your Big Game Hunting Success.” He's also a past president of the Red Rock Bowmen Club and has extensive public speaking experience on hunting and outdoors issues.

Of course, I'm working on getting Rich information on ACTIVSKIN Legwear and it's applications for hunting, fishing and camping in cold weather. You can view Rich's profile and other videos here (click link)

Sub Zero Hunting: First Layer of Clothing -- powered by


  1. Nylon pantyhose very useful and versatile thanks Steve

  2. I thing nylon stockings more comfortable & freedom for men... Why always pantyhose recommended...

  3. I love pantyhoses. I`m anchovy fisherman at Blacksea Samsun Turkey. 4 seasons 7/24 wearable for me. I feel good pants very comfortable with nylons. Thanks COMFILON thanks both Steve you are great.
    PS. I`m 41 years old straight man.

  4. es lo más original que he visto...en verdad. conozco muchos hombres que se verían mejor en sus jeans, si trajeran medias abajo...jajajaja
    Regina Kuri

  5. In English, Regina said (loosely translated):
    is the most original I've seen ... truly. I know many men who would feel better in their jeans, if they wore hosiery underneath... hahahaha

  6. Regina inglese por favor. Sí pantimedias para hombres

  7. Translation: English please, Regina. Pantyhose for men, yes!

  8. Dear steve, you got it almost right. Regina said I know many men who would look better in their jeans, if they wore hoisery underneath...

  9. Thanks for the translation help, Pablo. The spanish I learned in junior high, coupled with Google translator, can only get me so far. haha

    Glad to hear I at least got close...

  10. I am men wearing men'tights from Russia. Male in tights it's very normal stile. My favorite tights - Comfilon with fly opening for spring and summer and ERGOLAN for winter. Best wishes for men in tghts!

  11. I work In the wind turbine industry, It is not uncommon having to climber 300' straight up 2 to 6 times a day, then days where temperatures range from below 0 to trip digit summer heat! Talk about muscle fatigue and soreness I have found that wearing pantyhose like tights, compression or supportive hose or stockings makes the climbs easier on muscle stamina and helps with muscle recovery faster and easier with minimal soreness, now as for those cold winter days below 0 it was a great for a base layer! Nothing like tights, stocking and pantyhose, the only wish I have is a fire resistant rating so they are accepted by employers where fire rated clothing is needed!

  12. I can honestly say that tights are okay to a point for the cold. I have used black tights for cycling under cycling shorts where I liked the result but similar to leggings anyway.

    Under jeans or trousers/pants to walk around I found them at times frustrating as they fall down and make the jeans slide down as well.

    I ride horses. I found tights under jodhpurs for extra warmth is okay, but not really actively schooling but just hacking out where you can sit and not work. Sometimes being around horses on cold yards can be very cold so woollen tights are more useful for a layered breathable effect. I find jodhpurs by themselves do the job anyway. I prefer tight jodhpurs are something I like naturally as they do grip my legs for compression but also I like the feel and look.

    The items we wear are designed and do the things we need the clothes to do regardless.


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