Friday, July 31, 2009

How to Keep Warm While Running/Cycling Without Overheating |

Here is an eHOW Article posted by yours truly: "How to Keep Warm While Running/Cycling w/o Overheating"

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  1. pantyhose super clothing keep winter warm summer cool... incredible but correct. realy feel cooling effect under pants I tested... please try it... like feeling windy...

  2. Why women against, pantyhose for men. What is problem? I would fight every day with women..

  3. Bill, let's just check first: Are the women against it? It's not been my experience that a lot have expressed opposition. I've received quite a few positive comments about the legwear--from women as well as men. If you're talking about not exactly receiving a warm reception from everyone you meet while wearing hosiery, well... we've got to be man enough to take that in stride. If you're waiting for 100% of the people out there to embrace this new trend in menswear, you'll have to wait a long time. But, in the mean time I would suggest we engage the people we meet positively and proactively, rather than fight with them.

    It sounds like you're a fairly bold person, so I would encourage you to wear what you want confidently, but hold back from being confrontational.

  4. Mr Newman Turkish wikipedia pantyhose page have edited. If you allow your picture with pantyhose I want to use here.

  5. That is OK with me. Which picture do you want to use?

    BTW, I just did some editing on Wikipedia's Pantyhose for Men page, too.


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