Friday, July 3, 2009

Spanx for Men

This week's TIME Magazine includes an article on Spanx for Men. As the tagline for the article reads, "Who says girdles are for girls? A fancy new undershirt sucks in your beer gut so you don't have to."

The backstory on this is that ACTIVSKIN was initially intended to be included as part of the print version of this article also . We provided product photos for use in the story, and were in contact with the editors working on the story.

However, layout issues arose following the death of Michael Jackson last week--meaning that most of the magazine is taken up by the coverage of his death and funeral. We were sorry to hear of his untimely death, and yes, I'll admit it, we were also disappointed to learn of our relegation to the online version. But, that is the way it goes, so we just roll with it.

At present, the online story on 'Spanx for Men' includes a link at the bottom that reads, "To see some manny hose and other items, go to" However, at present the link doesn't seem to be working. Keep checking it though...

As for the main subject of the article, the Equmen bodyshaping undershirt, we've been reading about these for several months now, and they appear to be ready for a U.S. rollout soon (they're currently available in Europe). We at ACTIVSKIN believe the same trends that support a product like Equmen are present for support hosiery such as ACTIVSKIN. Men have traditionally shied away from form-shaping garments until very recently, for fear of being perceived as 'vain'. However, those misgivings are evaporating as men seek to look their best--especially in the ultra-competitive job market in which we're currently living.

As unemployment statistics rise, nobody wants to risk overlooking the 'little things' that might make the difference if the department manager is given the task of choosing 15% of the staff to let go. A similar dynamic feeds the trend towards using support hosiery in occupations that place a strain on leg health, so you're not the one who's seen as not able to keep up with everyone else.

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