Saturday, January 30, 2010

GoGo Therafirm Legwear

GoGo Therafirm's Compression TightsI read a post on "Ruminations of a Twenty-Something Momma" about this graduated compression legwear. The tights, pantyhose, and trouser socks that GoGo Therafirm sells are for women, which would not normally be a topic of conversation here on The Nylon Gene. However, I liked the discussion of benefits provided by compression hosiery. It reads very much like the reasons behind male legwear, or 'mantyhose' that we've been discussing and promoting for some time now.

Longtime Nylon Gene readers are aware of the means by which compression hosiery facilitates improved leg circulation (Leg Troubles Know No Gender Boundaries). The Ruminations posting describes the following activities that are made more comfortable by wearing a pair of GoGo Legwear:
  • Flying - Leg and foot swelling is a common occurrence during air travel because of increased pressure in the leg veins. Compression legwear can help reduce this swelling and make you feel relaxed the whole flight through.

  • Sitting - Sitting for extended periods of time causes blood to pool in leg veins. Compression hosiery helps counteract the pooling by aiding with circulation, keeping blood moving and the added benefit of feeling more alert and awake in the process.

  • Standing - On your feet all day? The increased pressure of standing for long periods of time makes you more likely to develop complications, such as spider and varicose veins. GoGo Legwear is scientifically proven to aid in the prevention of these complications, granting your body the proper circulation needed to supply you with the necessary amount of nutrients and oxygen.

  • Running - When you're on the move, GoGo is moving right along with you, providing your body with the blood flow needed to maintain energy and alertness. As an added bonus, the soft microfiber yarns massage your legs as you go, providing the ultimate comfort during work-outs and exercise.
In addition to the foregoing, GoGo Healthy's website includes two additional activities where women with tired, achy legs can benefit from wearing them:

  • At the Gym - It goes without saying--when you are working out, GOGO is working with you! You can actually feel the soft yarns massaging your
    legs as you go!

  • On a Date - Read above and repeat. I highly recommend the thigh-high stockings.
Our Twenty-Something Momma blogger describes women dealing with all sorts of unpleasant discomforts at the end of the day: tired, aching legs, swollen feet, appearance of varicose veins or spider veins over time. She identifies GoGo Therafirm hosiery as a solution. I say, "you bet!"

The only thing I would add: If women who engage in the foregoing activities suffer from these things and can benefit from compression hosiery, wouldn't the same thing be true for men?


  1. Steve,

    Thanks for posting this very positive article about legwear. It has sparked a curiosity/question that continues to confound me: As hosiery promoters and articles such as this one repeatedly talk up the advantages of legwear, why then do women see hosiery as only benefitting them and not the men in their lives who face similar physical demands in their day? I realize that the tide is turning, but still, there seems to be a lot of "pantyhose are for women only" thinking out there. I don't get it. Thanks for your insight.

  2. You're welcome. As you say, it IS a confounding question. One that we here at The Nylon Gene, and elsewhere where the men's legwear discussion rages on, want to draw attention to. Fair-minded people are/will begin to see the irrationality of the whole thing.

    There's a blog out there called, "Men Have Legs, Too", and the title is suggestive of this dichotomy. If men have legs just the same as women, and some of them spend hours on their feet, or immobile behind the wheel on the road, etc. and consequently suffer from the same tired, aching legs... then why not provide a similar solution in the form of support hosiery designed for men?

    Of course, we DO make that very solution available in today's market. It's just that a few too many people stubbornly hold onto outdated stereotypes.

  3. Just received word today from '20-Something Momma' blogsite: my name was one of the five selected in the drawing for a free pair of the graduated compression tights they were giving away. I'll try them out after they arrive in the mail, then I'll add a review of them here.


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