Monday, February 1, 2010

If You Like The Nylon Gene...

I'd like to ask all my loyal Nylon Gene readers for a quick little favor. You may have noticed the little 'Blog Catalog' widget on the righthand side of the page (just below the 'Examiner' button). It's been there for quite awhile, and I should've pointed it out when I added it. Basically, if you like the blog, you can rate it using that pulldown located there. The ratings help boost The Nylon Gene's page rank with Blog Catalog, and others. Sooo... if you'd like to help promote this blog with me, just click on that little button. It'll only take a second. Thanks.


  1. Steve,

    Just so I don't goof...
    Are the numbers 1 to 5 "ranks" (1 being the best)... or "number of stars" (5 being the best)??

  2. It's the number of 'stars' with 5 being the best. Sorry about that, I hadn't noticed the ambiguity there. Hope you voted '5' instead of '1' (haha)

  3. You can be certain I'll vote FIVE !!
    I just love your blog and I've been following it since its start, close to a year ago !
    It's the most articulate blog on men's legwear around... period
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Thanks loads, for the good word Sylvain. I'll keep trying to support the loyal readers, as long as they (you) continue to support me as you have in the past.


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