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New Life for this Blog

Many of you may have noticed that this blog hasn't seen any activity in the past couple of years. Steve Newman, the former author, editor, and blogger extraordinaire, has not had the time to continue it, so he has regretfully relinquished his blogging duties, and I will take over. I humbly assure you that I will not do nearly as good a job as Steve did, as I'm a busy guy, too, but nevertheless I thank Steve for his past contributions to this blog, and I wish him well in his new ventures. Once we have the blog ownership transferred completely, I'll begin posting in ernest. I invite everyone reading this to contribute to the blog also! The more people who do, the more interesting it becomes. Write your blog contributions to me at gls (at) glieberman dot com.


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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bridgette Raes | Style Guide: The Truth About Men Who Wear Pantyhose

In a follow-up to her Friday radio broadcast, Bridgette Raes posted a great article on Men In Tights on her blogsite, "BRSG". I will say, as to the double standard she refers to, I’ve often said that it actually betrays a certain residual bias against women that remains in our society even to this day–even among women themselves. Despite the ostensible equality with which women and men are viewed today, you have to ask yourself why there is such a noticeable difference between the way people view it when a member of one sex strays into the fashion territory of the other?

Bridgette noted that a woman can wear clothing ranging from the ultra feminine to jeans, t-shirts, boots and a short haircut and hardly anyone even takes note. Maybe she is even praised as being: strong, “a real go-getter”, or other positive adjectives. But if a man wears even one article of clothing that has typically been associated with women, not only do other men get worked up over it, but women may give him even more flack over it. His manhood might be called into question regardless of how strong and virile an example of masculinity he may otherwise be.

You have to ask yourself if this doesn’t reveal some sort of latent bias against the female? Is it because a woman who co-opts a certain fashion item from men is seen as elevating herself? (BTW, not too many of us are old enough to remember the days when women wearing pants was considered scandalous). If so, by contrast a man adopting anything with a feminine connotation is considered to be ‘lowering’ himself to the level of the less worthy sex and needs to be resisted so as to not betray his manhood.

Of course, when we try to come to terms with all of this, we hope we can be advanced enough in our view on the inherent dignity, and equality, of both men and women that we don’t behave this way. Some–many–men are wearing mantyhose for very legitimate reasons and knee jerk reactions against it have to be examined for what they really reveal about the people making them. Are they unknowingly acknowledging they don’t really view men and women as being equal in dignity? Let’s hope your blog and radio program can help us move beyond that toward true equality. Thank you, Bridgette.


Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Couple of Regular Guys Talk Mantyhose with BridgetteRaes | Blog Talk Radio

Fashion that Makes You Go, "Hmm?" by BridgetteRaes | Blog Talk Radio, June 15

Wow. I have to give great applause to Kevin Wright and Rob Stephenson, who were guests on Bridgette Raes' radio show ("Fashion That Makes You Go, 'Hmm' ") yesterday. You guys were FANTASTIC spokesmen for the mantyhose, and Bridgette was great in providing such an open-minded forum for presenting the true aspects of it that rarely makes it into the public discourse.

While we've all watched with interest as the Emilio Cavallini unisex tights making a big splash back in March. Yet despite the benefit of the big publicity surge, most guys who are wearing mantyhose were left a little cold by the bold black & white patterns (skulls, etc.) Some may go for that look, but it's far from representative of most guys' legwear styles.

On the other hand, Rob and Kevin provide the 'regular guy' perspective that most any average guy could at least listen to and possibly relate to. Rob's a phone company worker by day and heavy metal band member and DJ at other times. Kevin is a family man who has been wearing legwear very openly for years and has become a much more vocal advocate lately--as has Rob. (Thanks guys, I can ALWAYS use the help)

As it happened, Kevin was trying to contact me when she was setting up the show--especially since a segment with Chan Kraemer of eMANcipate had fallen through.  Unfortunately, I was on vacation with my family in North Carolina and more or less out of touch with the outside world.  They were looking to have me be a guest on the show, but it just wasn't to be.  No matter, because these guys were great representatives for all the rest of the guys out there who wish there were more understanding among the media and public perceptions.

It was very refreshing to hear Bridgette, a well-known fashion and radio personality, speak to the double standard that has long existed with respect to what women can wear versus what men can wear.

Make sure to listen to the interview. It can be accessed here:

Listen to internet radio with BridgetteRaes on Blog Talk Radio
Although the show is one hour in length, the segment with Kevin and Rob lasts only 30 minutes.

Again, great job guys!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Be sure to catch Bridgette Raes on Fashion that Makes You Go, "Hmm?" She'll be talking Mantyhose on Friday's radio show http://t.co/rOtE9Ywy


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Men Don’t Need Compression Stockings and Support Hose or Do They? | Compression Stockings & More

Reprinted from: Compression Stockings and More

Why Don’t Men Need Compression Stockings?
By Gregory

Because Guy’s legs…

■  Don’t get tired or achy from standing or sitting for long periods of time
■  Don’t swell (edema)
■  Don’t get varicose veins or spider veins
■  Don’t have any risk of deep vein thrombosis (blood clots)
■  Don’t have any risk of venous issues
■  Don’t get circulation problems in the veins

This all sounds pretty silly doesn’t it? Nevertheless... it is of course all not true. Wouldn’t it be awesome if this was actually all true and we could always be a beacon of health and have strength like Superman?

Unfortunately for many of us things don’t go that way. Men and women alike may have to deal with some or all of the above stated conditions and discomforts at some time of their life. It is also pretty clear that the longer one ignores seemingly minor symptoms like achiness, tiredness, mild swelling or smaller varicose veins the worse things may become as time marches on.

Many men try to be real “Macho” when they get an ache or pain and just suck it up. However, with some things just sucking it up or dealing with it may not be the best course of action. When it comes to venous issues preventative care and treatment measures for more minor symptoms and conditions could really make a difference. Taking action early on could prevent more serious and agonizing problems that may likely occur down the road if things are left unattended.

The point I am trying to get to here is that men can benefit from wearing compression and support hosiery just as much as women. Men definitely need to pay attention to their leg health too. We only get one pair and they have to last us a life time. Most of us make sure our cars get regular care and maintenance but many men tend to neglect caring for their legs and in particular their leg veins.

Before you think about shopping for compression stockings or support pantyhose you do need to discuss your symptoms with your physician. He will also be able to help you determine which level of graduated compression or support hosiery you will need. Before you can purchase compression hosiery you will have to accurately measure your legs for proper sizing and fit of your compression stockings.

For additional information please also read our posts…

Can Real Men Wear Compression Stockings?

NYLON GENE NOTE: I really enjoyed the author's little bit of facetiousness in pointing out the inconsistencies in we men's outlook on wearing something that could have such a huge beneficial impact on our health.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Is Spanx Considering a Line of Mantyhose?

The huge flood of media activity regarding the mantyhose trend of the past few days is ebbing slightly, though at least a couple of Google News Alerts are still arriving every day. Buried in yesterday's New York Times piece on 'mantyhose mania' (Manlashes, Manscara and Mantyhose - NYTimes.com) was an interesting quote from Sarah Blakely, the nouveau billionaire creator of the wildly popular Spanx brand.

“I never say never,” she said. “Men are starting to become more and more vocal about what they need. We’ve been getting calls from stylists who tell us that A-list actors and top musicians are squeezing into our Spanx bodysuits for women for movies and music videos. And women are telling us to please do something for their husbands and boyfriends, who are squeezing into large and extra-large women’s sizes.” [emphasis: Nylon Gene]
Hmmm... Ms. Blakely may be beginning to see the light.  If those callers are 'squeezing themselves' into those women's articles for the practical benefits they offer, how long before she ascertains there is money to be made by offering what they need, only in products made for men.  She's a smart lady--if Emilio Cavallini can make money selling (2-3% of their $million annual sales) with an admittedly hard sell of boldly patterned tights for men, how much more so could Spanx capitalize on the market for men in need of support for tired achy legs, or to squeeze those few extra inches off their midsection?  They already have quite a few offerings for men already (ManSpanx/Manx).  Have you contacted Spanx to let them know how Nylon Gene readers feel about this?  It could be interesting to see where it leads...


Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Flood of Media Attention for Mantyhose

Whew! Murphy's Law... It figures a popular news item on the mantyhose trend would spark a big flurry of media activity on the topic just when I'm in full bore study mode for final exams. On the other hand, this is the biggest spate of media attention since I left my job at ActivSkin, and I hate to let it pass by without some recognition.  It appears to have been triggered an article appearing in the March 5 issue of Women's Wear Daily (WWD), a very influential fashion industry magazine.  I don't have time to write anything of substance on the article or the many others that have popped up. However, I can share links to them for interested Nylon Gene readers. Read on..
My Google Alerts email notices have been going haywire sending notifications of all the stories popping up this week with the keywords, 'mantyhose' or similar tags. I've shared a list of them below so you can go check them out. Every one of these appeared within the space of 2 days.  Contribute some good comments and let them know you're out here.
Get Your Mantyhose On - WWD (Women's Wear Daily)
   NOTE: This article (which appears to be the first to break the 'mantyhose' story) is only available to subscribers ($129/year), and you can only see the first few lines of the article.
Pantyhose for Dudes Are Actually Selling Quite Well - Business Insider
Men In Tights: What Do You Think of the Mantyhose Trend? - Style Caster [reported here at The Nylon Gene]
Men's Pantyhose is a Hot Trend Now? Really? - Guyism.com
Man-Tights: An Expanding Movement - Discovery News (Discovery Channel)
Mantyhose Has Got Legs! Men Are Snapping Up Tights, Italian Designer Emilio Cavallini Says - NY Daily News
Introducing Mantyhose. Yes Mantyhose - TIME NewsFeed
'Mantyhose' Is Happening! - The Cut: NY Magazine
Mantyhose - Are Men Really Ready to Wear Tights? - The Week (Lifestyle Section)
Panic in the Streets! Tights for Men Are Gaining Popularity - The Gloss
'Brosiery' and 'Mantyhose' Take Off as Men Seek Warmth, Comfort... and 'Fashion Statement' of Patterned Tights - Daily Mail (UK) [apologies for the long-winded headline]
Hose for Bros: Five Names for the New Mantyhose Trend - Racked.com
Real Men Shall Wear Tights and They Shall Call Them 'Mantyhose' - The Stir (CafeMom.com)
Mantyhose, Guylons, Brosiery: Men, Ready to Don Tights? - BrandChannel.com
Click-Worthy: Men Wearing Tights (or Mantyhose) Is a Thing - Divine Caroline.com
2012 Apocalypse Confirmed as Male Patterned Tights Go on Sale - Joe.IE (ManStuff)
Mantyhose Are a Thing - Fashionista.com (Fashion News Roundup)
Mantyhose: Tights for Men and Women - WDIV Detroit TV
Designer: Mantyhose--Pantyhose for Men a Fashionable Force To Be Reckoned With - ABC News

Keep your eyes open. There's sure to be more where this came from...

UPDATE: (Mar. 8) They just keep rolling in. Here are 11 more pieces that've run since I first posted this...
Would You Wear Mantyhose? - CBC News (Canada)
New Fashion Style: Men Wearing 'Mantyhose' - Opposing Views.com
Mantyhose May Be the Latest Trend for Men - ABC30-TV, Fresno CA
Men in Mantyhose? Male Celebs We Could See Joining the Trend - WetPaint.com
The Best Guests Come Bearing Gifts: Mantyhose, for Bros Looking for Hose - Guest of a Guest.com
Pantyhose for Men, Mantyhose, Emerging Fashion Trend - WPTV/ABC-TV5
Mantyhose: The Surging Popularity of Tights for Men - Digital Journal (NOTE: Features a pic of 'yours truly')
Will American Men Wear Mantyhose? - WXYZ/ABC-TV (Detroit)
Pantyhose for Men?! Seriously? - Women24.com
Fellas: Are You Man Enough for Mantyhose? - BestWeekEver.tv
Is America Ready for This Trend? Introducing 'Mantyhose' - KSEE-TV (ABC)
Hose Over Bros - The Soup (E Online)

[New for March 9th]:
Mantyhose for Sale: Men In Tights Might Just Be Fashion's Next Big Thing - International Business Times
Mantyhose Sweeping The Nation, Hosiery Manufacturers Report - Inquisitr
"Mantyhose": Pantyhose for Men - BangStyle.com
Mantyhose: High Fashion or Just Another Fad? - Christian Post
Mantyhose: Will Men Really Wear Tights, or 'Hose for Bros?' - Gather.com


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Men In Tights: What Do You Think Of The Mantyhose Trend? on StyleCaster

Recent Mantyhose Publicity

It's been awhile since I last posted new content on The Nylon Gene. Everyday life keeps me busy enough that writing hasn't been high on my list for many months. It's also been awhile since we've seen much significant publicity on the men's legwear trend. But, here you have it from Stylecaster, via the referenced article in WWD (Women's Wear Daily) titled, "Get Your Mantyhose On". Unfortunately, without a $129/year subscription, I can't read the rest of the article. If anyone has access to the content, I'd like to see it. Looks like it could be an interesting article.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Five Great Celebrity Endorsements - Biography.com

Five Great Celebrity Endorsements - Biography.com

After all these years, Joe Namath's famous pantyhose commercial still holds sway. Among the five shown here, it definitely gets my vote for favorite by paving the way for the mantyhose trend. Broadway Joe probably predated ActivSkin by more than 20 years, I think. Then again, it's not hard to top the Richard Simmons and Johnny Rotten ads, and that Hulk Hogan one for Bigelow air conditioners is just plain odd. Follow the link to see the article and vote for your favorite...


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Compression Tights--How Compression Clothing Can Help Athletic Performance

Compression Tights--How Compression Clothing Can Help Athletic Performance

Someone sent me a link to this article. I looked it over and--lo and behold--that's a photo of me they've used to illustrate the concept of compression tights for athletics! Imagine my surprise. But there was nothing improper about the author's use of the photo, so no one should get the wrong idea. I've posted it online quite awhile back for the purposes of publicizing ActivSkin, and it's licensed under the Creative Commons 'share-alike' license for use by others.

As for the photo, I took it with the help of my wife (who snapped the photo of me as I was running), and modified it with PhotoShop to give the impression of movement with the blurring. It is one of my more favorite ones I did while still actively employed by ActivSkin, and I don't mind it being used elsewhere. As for the legwear, I was wearing ActivSkin A677s in black. These are full-compression, sheer hosiery with a fly opening in the front. They're very comfortable and provide good leg support.

BTW, the article linked above is a good one also.  Alexis Mabury pretty much nails the reasons/benefits of compression tights for runners, cyclists, etc.  She also includes references to scientific studies to lend credence to the discussion.  Make sure to check it out...


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Venous Disease Called Silent Killer | ScrippsNews

Venous Disease Called Silent Killer | ScrippsNews

This article was published the other day by Scripps News Service. It details much of what we've been pronouncing here at The Nylon Gene for a couple of years now, with respect to venous insufficiency and the beneficial effect of support hosiery for those who suffer from it. The article even acknowledges that men are as likely to suffer from the pain or discomfort associated with poor leg circulation, by noting that there are knee-high and full-length compression tights made for men. It also implies that ordinary support hosiery can provide benefits in alleviating the symptoms of moderate circulation problems. As more men become comfortable with the idea that nylon/spandex support legwear is as well suited for men as well as women, more will avail themselves of these benefits. That will translate into more men using support hosiery (aka, mantyhose) on a regular basis and thereby avoiding problems with varicose veins later in life. It's too bad that so many who complain of achy, tired legs at the end of the workday don't take advantage of this simple countermeasure.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spanx For Men: Mantyhose Comparison

A great article on the new "Spanx For Men" (SFM) product appeared March 23rd on the 9tailors website (9tailors: Get This - Spanx For Men). It raises a question or two, however.

To me, I see many similarities between the SFM underwear being marketed, and the emerging 'mantyhose' trend (pioneered here in the U.S. by ActivSkin) about which we read the occasional disparaging blog post here or there, or responses that are sometimes posted below articles on men's legwear.  Typically, it is obvious they are written by those who have little or no familiarity with, or understanding of, the reasons driving so many men these days to have started wearing support hosiery (aka, 'mantyhose') under their trousers in ever growing numbers. 

The 9tailors article begs the question: If ManSpanx are such a great thing, why would full-length tights or hose for men be so very bad? Let's compare the two.

Both are intended to provide some moderate degree of compression--around the midsection, and the legs. The only difference is SFM are limited only to the upper thighs. However, what about guys who have lower leg circulation problems, suffer from tired, achy legs, etc? Wouldn't ManSpanx that extended down to the lower legs also be beneficial in that situation? So, why would someone be accepting of ManSpanx and yet be so critical of mantyhose?  I would suggest it's based less on rational thinking and more on ingrained mental paradigms that only need to be shifted. 

While not all styles of mantyhose have a fly opening, those that do have a very similar design to that used for SFM.  And, those styles that don't feature a fly, typically have some sort of stretchy 'comfort panel' sewn in to avoid the problem of too much compression in 'sensitive areas'.  Not much more need be said here. 

Probably the most significant difference between ManSpanx and mantyhose is whether they have feet in them. Obviously, ManSpanx do not.  For some reason, this seems to be the biggest sticking point many people have with male legwear.  It can be nearly indistinguishable at a distance from women's footless tights--but if they have feet in them, some have difficulty getting past this.  For those who would draw an absolute line in the sand at wearing any sort of footed legwear, there are quite a few styles of mantyhose offered by ActivSkin, et al, that are footless.  In addition, an overlooked benefit of footed hosiery is that it can make socks unneccessary, which also helps avoid feeling too hot.  If footed legwear is worn with socks in cold weather or workplaces, they can provide supplemental warmth beyond what socks alone provide. 

Another difference is that some forms of hose for men are sheer, like the pantyhose with which many are familiar. Yet, before rejecting sheer legwear for men out of hand, consider this. Sheer fabric is much lighter weight, and therefore cooler, than the material ManSpanx--or runner's tight--are made from.  If you wear them under your pants, you'll be less likely to feel overheated throughout your day.  Some of the 'early adopters' have already come to the realization that they can also be worn with shorts in settings where short pants are appropriate.  The vast majority of people don't even notice sheer hosiery worn with shorts if a skintone-matching color is worn.  For the time being--until more men gain enough confidence that societal perceptions have changed greatly--those wearing mantyhose with shorts remain in the minority. 

So, I welcome the proliferation of Spanx For Men.  I hope it will further the continual evolution of the public mindset, and cause that segment that is still ignorant of the realities surrounding the men's legwear trend to further educate themselves and therefore open their minds just a bit more.  This will result in fewer being quick to reject this emerging phenomenon.

As I say in the tagline for The Nylon Gene: we continue to, "change hearts & minds: from pantyhose... to mantyhose."


Sunday, February 27, 2011

College Skiers in Pantyhose

Recently, a member of the Legwear As Unisex Fashion (LAUF) forum posted the following:

I am a charter bus driver in the Chicago area and have been wearing support hose for awhile, with the encouragement of my doctor. Yesterday I drove on a trip to a ski resort in Wisconsin for a group of college student from a major Big Ten school. Many of the students had never skied before and knew little about how to dress for the cold. However, some must have had some 'insider' tips for beating the chill.

When we arrived at the ski resort, the kids began getting dressed in their gear. Several of the guys pulled out packages of pantyhose and began to put them on. Some were with girlfriends and some were not. One girl even helped one of the guys by telling him how to put them on. One guy's girlfriend commented how wished her legs looked as good in pantyhose as his.

In all, there were seven or eight guys who wore pantyhose as a base layer for warmth, yet it was as if it was second nature to everyone concerned. None of the other skiers had anything negative to say, and even the jocks in the back of the bus had no disparaging remarks.

When they finished sking for the day at least two of the guys made comments about how warm they were and noted that, "from now on, the hell with long underwear. It's pantyhose for me."
As we continue to point out here on The Nylon Gene, things continue to improve when it comes to society's views on men wearing pantyhose.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stars & Stripes | Can Nylon Stockings Prevent Blisters on Marches? - Military Use for Pantyhose

Soldier being treated by medic for blisters
In the past, we've reported here at The Nylon Gene on the not-so-well-kept military secret that our soldiers overseas have made use of pantyhose for more than just filters to keep desert sand out of engine intakes. Now we read it directly from Stars & Stripes--the primary news outlet of the Defense Department. Jeff Schogol takes a look at this in his Feb. 24th column, exploring the question of whether nylon stockings or pantyhose are effective at preventing blisters on those long marches.

The article's author readily admits his days of long marches are well past, so he can't speak with firsthand authority on this. So he consulted Army Lt. Colonel Christopher Garver, among others, to see how widespread wearing of nylon hosiery is in the military, and whether it works.

Col. Garver, a 10-year infantry veteran, reported “There were guys I know who wore nylons because it worked for their feet.” Currently serving as a spokesman for the Army, he notes that some wear pantyhose and others wear specialized socks that also wick away sweat. The choice depends primarily on individual preference.

Dr. Stephen Pribut, a podiatrist in Washington DC, recommends the socks over pantyhose because the Coolmax socks can keep the moisture away from the feet--which can also contribute to blisters. Of course, in hot climates, pantyhose are going to be cooler than socks.

Pribut stressed that servicemembers should use whatever solution works best for them. “If someone has successfully used pantyhose, it's OK with me. The main thing is it's really important to go with what’s worked well in the past.”

The takeaway from the article is that if wearing pantyhose under socks keeps soldier's blister free, the author says to 'go for it.' He suggests we call them "Freedom Stockings."

Of course, they may not be aware there are options available that are more specifically designed for men than off-the-shelf pantyhose. ActivSkin has long been a supporter of the military, and tries to offer discounts to servicemen and their families sending care packages to them. If you have a male member of the military stationed overseas, consider sending them a pair of ActivSkin to try out. When a father living in my neighborhood shipped out to Iraq last year, I donated two pair of A677s and they seemed to be well received.

An additional item of note: the value of nylon legwear to soldiers on long marches is directly transferable to outdoorsmen as well. A hunter or camper hiking over rough terrain into a distant campsite or deer stand can benefit in the same way. Not only will pantyhose protect from blisters while hiking, they are also effective at keeping ticks off the lower body, and horseback riders report beneficial effects at avoiding or minimizing saddle sores, as well.

So, the rumors are true. Some of our military men have been wearing pantyhose, and they're seeing benefits from it. If you are one who thinks pantyhose equals feminine, I wouldn't recommend saying it out loud to the next Marine you meet... at least until you make sure his M16 is unloaded.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Twitter User Walks (more than) A Mile in Pantyhose As Challenge to Women

An interesting development on Twitter came to my attention last week. On "LIVE, with Regis & Kelly", Kelly Ripa gave an on-air shout out to a male Twitter fan with username @stuckinhose as a result of his having worn pantyhose to work nearly every day since early last fall. As reported on "The Stir" by Lauren Flynn Kelly, co-host Kelly Ripa paired black pantyhose with her outfit on Feb. 17th because, "she switched up her usual 'childlike' tights out of solidarity with StuckInHose, a guy from New York tweeting his adventures in hosiery since promising a female coworker he'd wear nylons under his pants...

One of the fascinating aspects of this story is that Mr. Opinionated--the pseudonym used on @stuckinhose's Twitter account--did not take on this mission out of a desire to promulgate the male legwear trend, with which faithful Nylon Gene readers have long been well-acquainted. According to Twitter conversations with him, this arose not from a desire to wear hosiery, but instead to encourage more women to do so.  He wanted to prove that their complaints about the discomforts and annoyances of pantyhose are a gross exaggeration. 

Over the course of time since he began wearing pantyhose to work, Mr. Opionated began tweeting his thoughts on pantyhose to anyone willing to engage in debate with him.  As of this writing, he's posted more than 5,200 tweets.  They run the gamut from curious coworkers to far-off strangers who've heard of his situation and are curious to learn more about him or his motivations.  He has sent 140-character missives to many a female celebrity to compliment them on their choice of legwear, or chastize those who swear by the bare-legged hose-haters party platform. 

That's how he came to Kelly Ripa's attention this month.  StuckInHose had been critiquing her tendency toward opaque tights--which he considered 'childlike'--rather than opting for more elegant sheer hosiery.  He believes women in professional settings should wear sheer hosiery, because there is no question that it improves the look of their legs, and going bare-legged is unprofessional.  In her Feb. 17 Fashion Finder video blog, Kelly takes pains to point out she's wearing, "hosiery... HOSIERY--not tights" as she previews the day's outfit backstage.  Then, while sharing the story with viewers, she blew a kiss to StuckInHose.  He posted later that he would've never expected to have been mentioned on air, much less have Kelly blow him a kiss. 

Since then, his Twitter followers have grown by leaps and bounds, from a handful of insiders to about 250 in less than a week.  His profile reads, "I have been challenged by a female friend to wear hose to work under my pants..looking for females who want to help/have ideas/find it funny/etc."

As I've not had the opportunity to interview him directly and get more details, my observations are based on recent Twitter correspondence and review of his public Twitter timeline of previous conversations with other followers, as well as the spate of recent news items that have popped up.  It appears the original agreement between Mr. Opionated and a female coworker dates back at least to September 2010.  He agreed to wear pantyhose under his trousers each day to work for 90 days, ostensibly to prove that they're not nearly as bad as women make them sound. 

Assuming a 5-day work week (18 weeks), StuckInHose would've ended his 'nylon captivity' sometime around New Year's Day.  Yet here it is almost March, and he's still going strong--even going out to buy a $50 pair of Wolford hosiery in recognition of the brand Kelly wore the day she introduced his saga to her national TV audience.  It seems that there have been quite a few 'side bets', etc. that have added the occasional 5 extra days here and there (Geez, I hate it when that happens), which is why he's still got at least quite a few days to go before being 'set free' from being a 'hostage to hosiery'. 

While Mr. Opinionated insists he has no interest in the men's legwear trend, it's hard to avoid a couple of questions that spring to mind with respect to this story.  First, for a guy who isn't at all interested in the idea of men wearing pantyhose, or 'mantyhose', he seems to have taken on this 'chore' of demonstrating the hollowness of female complaints against hosiery with little resistance. 

Add this to how readily he was required to add days and weeks to his original 90-day ordeal, and the picture that emerges hearkens back to that old Shakespeare line, "Methinks he dost protest too much."

This should not be taken as criticism, though.  If anyone should appreciate how wearing of hosiery out of necessity for any length of time tends to cause one to discover a whole range of beneficial aspects, it would be me.  It was only after wearing support-style hosiery at a doctor's suggestion for relief from poor leg circulation that I discovered how several secondary benefits and how energized they make ones legs feel. 

Although he could be reluctant to admit it, for fear of the reaction of friends or family, Mr. Opinionated shouldn't fear the public fallout were he to acknowledge that he's learned to like the idea of wearing pantyhose during the past six months.  He would be among the very good company of thousands of 'regular guys' across the country who have made the same discovery.  Secondly, even if he truly remains fully committed only to promoting more frequent wearing of pantyhose by women, his exploits and the publicity surrounding it have the unavoidable consequence of furthering the public acceptance of sheer legwear as a male, or more properly a unisex, garment.  Each time a man who is by all appearances an otherwise average, ordinary guy--lacking effeminate or 'odd' personality traits--comes into the public eye while unapologetically wearing tights or pantyhose, it continues the erosion of those outdated misconceptions once held in the public perception.  That was the idea behind my work in developing this blog, and previous work as a public spokesman in support of this emerging trend. 

Consequently, the old notions associating men and nylon legwear with sexual deviations, etc. have all but disappeared.  I can't tell you how many people who have noticed my hosiery have commented that they assumed I must be wearing them for medical reasons, etc.  That seems to have become the new default assumption when it comes to a man wearing pantyhose. 

I wish Mr. Opinionated luck with the remainder of his time "stuck in hose."  It will be interesting to see whether he ever reaches the end of his 90 days.


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