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Men Don’t Need Compression Stockings and Support Hose or Do They? | Compression Stockings & More

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Why Don’t Men Need Compression Stockings?
By Gregory

Because Guy’s legs…

■  Don’t get tired or achy from standing or sitting for long periods of time
■  Don’t swell (edema)
■  Don’t get varicose veins or spider veins
■  Don’t have any risk of deep vein thrombosis (blood clots)
■  Don’t have any risk of venous issues
■  Don’t get circulation problems in the veins

This all sounds pretty silly doesn’t it? Nevertheless... it is of course all not true. Wouldn’t it be awesome if this was actually all true and we could always be a beacon of health and have strength like Superman?

Unfortunately for many of us things don’t go that way. Men and women alike may have to deal with some or all of the above stated conditions and discomforts at some time of their life. It is also pretty clear that the longer one ignores seemingly minor symptoms like achiness, tiredness, mild swelling or smaller varicose veins the worse things may become as time marches on.

Many men try to be real “Macho” when they get an ache or pain and just suck it up. However, with some things just sucking it up or dealing with it may not be the best course of action. When it comes to venous issues preventative care and treatment measures for more minor symptoms and conditions could really make a difference. Taking action early on could prevent more serious and agonizing problems that may likely occur down the road if things are left unattended.

The point I am trying to get to here is that men can benefit from wearing compression and support hosiery just as much as women. Men definitely need to pay attention to their leg health too. We only get one pair and they have to last us a life time. Most of us make sure our cars get regular care and maintenance but many men tend to neglect caring for their legs and in particular their leg veins.

Before you think about shopping for compression stockings or support pantyhose you do need to discuss your symptoms with your physician. He will also be able to help you determine which level of graduated compression or support hosiery you will need. Before you can purchase compression hosiery you will have to accurately measure your legs for proper sizing and fit of your compression stockings.

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NYLON GENE NOTE: I really enjoyed the author's little bit of facetiousness in pointing out the inconsistencies in we men's outlook on wearing something that could have such a huge beneficial impact on our health.



  2. I'm a man with leg vein problems. I have to wear support socks every day. However I've also worm full-length stockings & tights.

    The tights nominally for men can lead to balanitis, as they do not provide sufficient support or restraint. I find it is more comfortable to wear women's support tights, with women's underwear. I have repeatedly worn these at the office and when out in cold weather with my wife.


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