Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Flood of Media Attention for Mantyhose

Whew! Murphy's Law... It figures a popular news item on the mantyhose trend would spark a big flurry of media activity on the topic just when I'm in full bore study mode for final exams. On the other hand, this is the biggest spate of media attention since I left my job at ActivSkin, and I hate to let it pass by without some recognition.  It appears to have been triggered an article appearing in the March 5 issue of Women's Wear Daily (WWD), a very influential fashion industry magazine.  I don't have time to write anything of substance on the article or the many others that have popped up. However, I can share links to them for interested Nylon Gene readers. Read on..
My Google Alerts email notices have been going haywire sending notifications of all the stories popping up this week with the keywords, 'mantyhose' or similar tags. I've shared a list of them below so you can go check them out. Every one of these appeared within the space of 2 days.  Contribute some good comments and let them know you're out here.
Get Your Mantyhose On - WWD (Women's Wear Daily)
   NOTE: This article (which appears to be the first to break the 'mantyhose' story) is only available to subscribers ($129/year), and you can only see the first few lines of the article.
Pantyhose for Dudes Are Actually Selling Quite Well - Business Insider
Men In Tights: What Do You Think of the Mantyhose Trend? - Style Caster [reported here at The Nylon Gene]
Men's Pantyhose is a Hot Trend Now? Really? -
Man-Tights: An Expanding Movement - Discovery News (Discovery Channel)
Mantyhose Has Got Legs! Men Are Snapping Up Tights, Italian Designer Emilio Cavallini Says - NY Daily News
Introducing Mantyhose. Yes Mantyhose - TIME NewsFeed
'Mantyhose' Is Happening! - The Cut: NY Magazine
Mantyhose - Are Men Really Ready to Wear Tights? - The Week (Lifestyle Section)
Panic in the Streets! Tights for Men Are Gaining Popularity - The Gloss
'Brosiery' and 'Mantyhose' Take Off as Men Seek Warmth, Comfort... and 'Fashion Statement' of Patterned Tights - Daily Mail (UK) [apologies for the long-winded headline]
Hose for Bros: Five Names for the New Mantyhose Trend -
Real Men Shall Wear Tights and They Shall Call Them 'Mantyhose' - The Stir (
Mantyhose, Guylons, Brosiery: Men, Ready to Don Tights? -
Click-Worthy: Men Wearing Tights (or Mantyhose) Is a Thing - Divine
2012 Apocalypse Confirmed as Male Patterned Tights Go on Sale - Joe.IE (ManStuff)
Mantyhose Are a Thing - (Fashion News Roundup)
Mantyhose: Tights for Men and Women - WDIV Detroit TV
Designer: Mantyhose--Pantyhose for Men a Fashionable Force To Be Reckoned With - ABC News

Keep your eyes open. There's sure to be more where this came from...

UPDATE: (Mar. 8) They just keep rolling in. Here are 11 more pieces that've run since I first posted this...
Would You Wear Mantyhose? - CBC News (Canada)
New Fashion Style: Men Wearing 'Mantyhose' - Opposing
Mantyhose May Be the Latest Trend for Men - ABC30-TV, Fresno CA
Men in Mantyhose? Male Celebs We Could See Joining the Trend -
The Best Guests Come Bearing Gifts: Mantyhose, for Bros Looking for Hose - Guest of a
Pantyhose for Men, Mantyhose, Emerging Fashion Trend - WPTV/ABC-TV5
Mantyhose: The Surging Popularity of Tights for Men - Digital Journal (NOTE: Features a pic of 'yours truly')
Will American Men Wear Mantyhose? - WXYZ/ABC-TV (Detroit)
Pantyhose for Men?! Seriously? -
Fellas: Are You Man Enough for Mantyhose? -
Is America Ready for This Trend? Introducing 'Mantyhose' - KSEE-TV (ABC)
Hose Over Bros - The Soup (E Online)

[New for March 9th]:
Mantyhose for Sale: Men In Tights Might Just Be Fashion's Next Big Thing - International Business Times
Mantyhose Sweeping The Nation, Hosiery Manufacturers Report - Inquisitr
"Mantyhose": Pantyhose for Men -
Mantyhose: High Fashion or Just Another Fad? - Christian Post
Mantyhose: Will Men Really Wear Tights, or 'Hose for Bros?' -


  1. I think mantyhose is good. I don't mind if my man want to wear it.

  2. The name "mantyhose" sucks. I like tights and pantyhose and wear them under my pants all the time during the winter. I like the look and the feel and the warmth and support they provide and I don't care what other people think. In the summer I wear tan pantyhose with khaki long pants and loafers, and a few times I have worn them with shorts. I'm a married heterosexual male who thinks pantyhose are great.

  3. I have worn them, they provide great support for my lower legs. I have a history of DVTs (deep vein thrombosis) and develop lower leg pain if I am on my feet for extended periods. I have also worn them while running during the winter. I find they are more comfortable and provide adequate compression. Besides, my wife likes when I wear them too!

  4. mantyhose not a fan unless a few I've seen I designs I like but most are the same old earth tones nothing in a variety of colors


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