Sunday, February 27, 2011

College Skiers in Pantyhose

Recently, a member of the Legwear As Unisex Fashion (LAUF) forum posted the following:

I am a charter bus driver in the Chicago area and have been wearing support hose for awhile, with the encouragement of my doctor. Yesterday I drove on a trip to a ski resort in Wisconsin for a group of college student from a major Big Ten school. Many of the students had never skied before and knew little about how to dress for the cold. However, some must have had some 'insider' tips for beating the chill.

When we arrived at the ski resort, the kids began getting dressed in their gear. Several of the guys pulled out packages of pantyhose and began to put them on. Some were with girlfriends and some were not. One girl even helped one of the guys by telling him how to put them on. One guy's girlfriend commented how wished her legs looked as good in pantyhose as his.

In all, there were seven or eight guys who wore pantyhose as a base layer for warmth, yet it was as if it was second nature to everyone concerned. None of the other skiers had anything negative to say, and even the jocks in the back of the bus had no disparaging remarks.

When they finished sking for the day at least two of the guys made comments about how warm they were and noted that, "from now on, the hell with long underwear. It's pantyhose for me."
As we continue to point out here on The Nylon Gene, things continue to improve when it comes to society's views on men wearing pantyhose.


  1. I defiantly prefer tights and pantyhose over long underwear too. That is one of the biggest reasons why I wear them, for the warmth.

  2. I also wear pantyhose & tights in the winter months for warmth, unlike men's longjohns they don't make my pants feel too tight.

  3. "Warmth-without-bulk" is one of the primary benfits we tout when it comes to legwear for men.

  4. The picture you featured is actually a pair of compression hosiery from specialist Solidea, so as well as keeping skiers/ sportsmen warm they also keep their circulation working well.

    There is nothing wrong with men in tights, for whatever reason it is they choose to wear them.

    Keep up the good work

    Daylong Blog


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