Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Annual Father's Day Bike Ride 2009I hope our readers had a happy Father's Day. I went on a 57-mile bike ride with two of my sons. Whoaa! I finished it, but definitely saw the value of training beforehand. I was wearing ACTIVSKIN A677 (support style) hose, and that could've been the difference between me being able to finish or not.

The three of us rode 17 miles on the local Rails to Trails path, and then we dropped Connor, my 13-year old off at home before Sean (my 15-year old) and I continued for the remainder of the day. Last year, I had been riding my bike a lot, and he was a year younger, so I was the one setting the pace.
A lot can change in a year's time, though! This year, I've not been out on my bike hardly at all and I'm yet another year older. He, too is another year older, but somehow it seems to be working for him :-).

Anyways, he set the pace this year and I was lagging. After lunch, when the food kicked in, I got back up to speed. But by the time we were on the return leg, I was hoping I had it in me to finish. My leg cramped up only one time over the duration, and I credit the compression provided by the ACTIVSKIN to keeping me from much worse occurrences. I feel certain I wouldn't have been able to pull this off without any real training or preparation.

The aftermathDon't try this at home, Dads. If you're going to do something like this, make sure and build up to it. I hope someone who loves you bought you some ACTIVSKIN this year!


  1. Why they did not wear? Cat very cute.

  2. First reason, is that they don't come in sizes small enough to fit those who aren't yet full-grown. Secondly, I don't think they're quite prepared for that much added attention from their teenaged peers. We all know how precarious the image can be when you're a teenager. Besides, neither of them are having leg circulation problems, which is the reason I'm wearing them. They would consider legwear as something to wear for your legs when you're starting to get old--like thirty!


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