Saturday, June 20, 2009

Emilio Cavallini Selling Unisex Tights

Emilio Cavellini BoutiqueNormally I wouldn't want to encourage potential customers to be aware of goings on at another company, but I thought it noteworthy to share the news that Emilio Cavallini Hosiery has launched a unisex line of tights...

Besides, it appears from their website that these are not available in the U.S. anyways. I find it noteworthy however, that another seller of women's hosiery is entering the market for men's legwear. Yet another distinct sign that men's tights, pantyhose, legwear, hose... whatever we want to call it--is most definitely becoming a truly unisex garment.

Emilio Cavellini Unisex TightsOf course, we here at ACTIVSKIN have known this all along, and we hope to remain the industry leader when it comes to men's legwear, regardless of how many others intend to get into the market. Nonetheless, we consider it to be a positive indicator of the growth of this 'emerging' market. I use quotes around 'emerging' because the more time goes by and we see all of the positive developments in the marketplace, it won't be long before it will no longer be fitting to refer to the men's legwear market as 'emerging'.

I believe we'll soon all realize that, ... it's emerged!

(Bravo, Emilo Cavillini... we welcome the competition)


  1. It is great that fasion designers devote into this line for men. I think Great designers' promoting for men's leg wear will give men more freedom for whether they need to wear due to whatever reasons.
    Thank you

  2. I agree that without any reason this item /items is not for men

  3. I just received an Emilio Cavallini newsletter saying that the online shop will be available to US costumers starting October 1st


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