Monday, June 22, 2009

ActivSkin Legwear on NBC-TV, June 22, 2009 (2nd Time)

Steve Newman/Gail Hogan and ActivSkin Legwear for Men[THE VIDEO'S HERE... SEE BELOW] The second in the series of appearances featuring ACTIVSKIN took place this morning, where I was a guest on "Daytime Columbus" again (the local NBC affiliate, WCMH-TV). The segment, which aired live, went smoothly and I discussed occupational aspects of men's legwear with Ms. Gail Hogan, the host of the show. The following paragraphs provide some more in-depth backgroun discussion on the issues that I discussed on-air with Gail.

As readers of this blog should already know, there are many occupations that contribute to problems with leg health, and men are every bit as affected by it as women. Therefore, ACTIVSKIN support legwear can provide relief of discomfort associated with extended periods of uninterrupted standing, as well as problems presented with sedentary professions that keep people seated motionless for hours on end. Some examples of the former are: surgeons, cooks/chefs, retail clerks, and many more.

Similary, truck drivers, pilots, and office clerical staff are among the many who sit for hours on end without relief. We've received mail noting many other professions that can benefit from our full support hosiery. Just recently, it was brought to our attention how many hours symphony musicians spend sitting while they practice their art.

Video From ActivSkin TV Appearance

In either of these situations, blood tends to pool in the lower legs because leg muscles are mostly inactive. In the absence of other venous problems in the legs, periodic contraction of leg muscles during movement helps force blood upwards through the legs as it returns to the heart. So, even though men (and women) in these professions may not initially have venous insufficiency or varicose veins, the constant pooling of the blood in the lower legs places added strain on the blood vessel walls and the one-way valves.

Eventually, this added strain causes weakening of the walls and valves and backflow begins to occur and leads to further problems with leg circulation. Use of support hosiery helps to counteract the pooling and backflow, especially if employed before problems worsen to the stage where more invasive treatment methods are the only option. We at ACTIVSKIN want to promote a more open-minded approach to men's legwear, so that those who are most at-risk because of their occupation can wear it with confidence.

Formerly, men avoided use of support hosiery because the only non-medical grade products on the market were made for women. Some have tried using medical grade compression hosiery, only to have them sit unused in a drawer because they are too hot and difficult to put on. Unless specifically prescribed by a physician, something less constrictive than medical compression hosiery can generally provide relief at a much lower cost with much more comfort. If you missed the broadcast in the Columbus viewing area, or live outside Channel Four's signal range, you can go to the following web address to watch the online video: (scroll down the list of video segments on the "NBC4i Video" list).

AN UPDATE FROM 6/08/09: Feedback from the first appearance has been very positive. I'm told that our video segment for that week was by far the most viewed on the NBC4 website. Normally, Daytime Columbus show segments get about 60 views per week, while the ACTIVSKIN segment received over 1200 hits for the week (it received 572 hits on the first day). This is in addition to the 600 or so views per week of the YouTube version that I posted as well, plus those who viewed the video through The Nylon Gene.

Stay tuned, for next month's appearance on July 23rd...


  1. Hi Steve,

    You looked rather beautiful what with a light green shirt and dark hosiery. I often find myself wearing a light blouse and black or navy pants or skirt/shorts with nylons. I also admire men dressed like that. :)

    My father found out about your site and I felt so tickled to see him wearing a pair of navy tights under his navy shorts and white collared shirt. I was even more tickled when he revealed to me that back in southwestern MO there are quite a few men who wear them openly and yet no one complains or laughs. I wouldn't normally imagine rural MO taking a guy in tights as seriously as in St Louis and Kansas City but he feels even more active and since he shaved his body hair, he looks even younger and my mom adores him even more. She used to rarely wear pantyhose but her returning leg cramps got her back to wearing them and now her legs don't feel as cramped. My parents thank you and your business for making them feel younger. :)

  2. <"I also admire men dressed like that."> -- I presume you're referring to shorts/pants with nylons... not skirts, Jennifer. As I'm sure you're aware, we're not pursuing that thread here at The Nylonn Gene. I presume when you wrote 'skirt', you were referring to what you wear, so no worries here.

    Glad to see that your father has discovered the benefits of ActivSkin. I hope we keep him happy as a customer. You'd be surprised how men's legwear has made inroads into the countryside. Sometimes people in rural areas get stereotyped as rigidly clinging to certain mindsets and not accepting of anything new from other areas. Having known many people from rural areas, I tend to give them a lot of credit for being aware of things going on elsewhere around the world. They just tend to be a little more cautious in following new trends--not out of excessive rigidity, but more so because they tend to be much more 'rooted' and not eager to follow the whims of society back and forth.

    Therefore, it's good to see signs that people of rural America show signs that they think men's legwear is a trend that can endure.

  3. Hi Steve,

    My apologies for the confusion on the first paragraph. I don't refer to men wearing skirts. I can't see that happening anytime soon. Surprisingly, no one makes much of a catcall in my parents' hometown if either a man or woman is wearing short and nylons. The population of rural MO has declined though so I still think testing for acceptability would best be done in the suburbs and inner cities.

  4. I just want to say that I have had some leg trouble in the past, and I have started wearing pantyhose. I love them!!! I would encourage all men to try them for just one week and they will be hooked! My cramps were gone and my leg's felt great.

    I have used womans hose then I found these guys, WOW, I can't wait to order my next order

  5. Thanks, casey. We love to see great feedback like this. If you feel so inclined, would you mind writing me a 'letter' and emailing it to me? We use those in our testimonials link on the ActivSkin page, and I've been thinking about posting a Mailbag page here on The Nylon Gene as well.


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