Monday, March 23, 2009

Welcome to The Nylon Gene

Hello and welcome. I'm Steve Newman and this is The Nylon Gene. Nylon Gene is a blog intended to be the clearinghouse for information pertaining to the emerging trend of men's legwear. I am the Marketing Director for ActivSkin Legwear for Men, and as such I am playing the role of hosiery evangelist in that it is my mission to present information that's useful for media contacts (reporters, writers, TV/radio producers, etc.) when working on articles or shows relating to men's legwear. There has been a lot of misinformation out there, often because there have been too few knowledgeable sources who are willing to stand up and be counted among those who wear sheer hosiery or tights.

The Nylon Gene is also for those who have recently learned of the existence of a market for men's legwear and want to know more about it. There are some good sources of information out there, and some that are not so good. Our goal is to become the most reliable and objective source of news and information for those who are newly acquainted with this trend as well as those who are longtime customers of ours or other providers.

We don't hide the fact that this blog is supported by ActivSkin, as we believe that 'a rising tide raises all boats' and that advancing the overall trends in men's legwear will also contribute to the continued success of ActivSkin. We hope that this blog will also provide our customers a forum in which to share their opinions of our products and offer suggestions for improvements. Personally, I look forward to reading your comments and getting acquainted with all of you who share an interest in the future of legwear.


  1. Outstanding blog, Steve! A "hosed" shoe-in for "Best New Blog of the Year". Fellow LAUF'er, Nicholas "Chip" B., Saylorsburg, PA

  2. Steve,
    I totaly agree with you, I feel that this blog will be a catalist in pushing the Legwear for men movement forward.
    Good luck in your new job and I hope that it takes off like a rocket

  3. Steve,
    The blog is just great, continue to post your thouths and Good luck in your new job.
    Great pics.

  4. Thanks for the vote of confidence guys. I hope to benefit everyone with an interest in legwear by advancing the state of knowledge in the public eye. Hoping to continue to erode those misguided stereotypes that once labeled guys who wear nylon hosiery as 'weird' or something.

    Although I sincerely welcome you guys to this site, I'm hoping that the readership will eventually be made up mostly of people who DON'T wear legwear (at least not yet). I would like this blog to be the link between the community of guys who have formed for mutual support in forums like LAUF, and those who are just now starting to hear about this in the press and wonder, 'what the heck's going on with guys wearing tights or hose?'

    Hopefully, instead of seeing it as as yet another sign of the impending apocalypse (no comment on that in this forum), they will see that it's an entirely legitimate clothing choice the men wear for a variety of good, sound reasons.

    So, keep the comments coming, but let's keep them focused on the mission of this blog.

  5. BTW, one more thing: For those readers who already wear legwear, please do me a favor... Pick a few of your friends who don't and forward them a link to this blog. If they don't know that you wear legwear, this would be the perfect vehicle for sharing that info. That's a very effective way to spread the word on this, and it will serve you as well because I intend this to be a 'rock solid' source of support for the mainstreaming of men's legwear. --Thanks.


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