Friday, March 27, 2009

Home... After a Long Drive

My wife and I drove up to Toledo with our kids for a couple of days this week. Although the drive takes less than 3 hours, it's enough to make my legs get pretty achy and sore--if it weren't for the leg support you get from wearing these hose.
Believe me, if you've got problems with leg circulation, give it a try the next time you take an extended drive. In the photo, taken after we returned, I'm wearing ActivSkin A569 in off-black. They're a full-support style. Unfortunately, if you want them in this color you're out of luck. We only carry them in black, dark brown, tan and beige these days. The off-black didn't sell very well and were eventually discontinued. (I've had this pair for awhile).

1 comment:

  1. Im really amazed I like the look of you in those black hose! its subtle and nice. Too bad they dont make the off-black. I think I ordered those in their over the calf nylon socks--and love them. Jack


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