Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ActivSkin Legwear News

ActivSkin A876 Footed Full Support Male TightsMany have been asking about ActivSkin's A866 footed and A876 footless opaque tights with fly opening. ActivSkin has been out of stock in some sizes of both styles since late 2009. No longer! I've just received word, they FINALLY came in yesterday!

The beloved tights were delayed due to supplier issues, first the holidays and then came difficulties acquiring the needed yarns to make them. ActivSkin regrets the long period during which they were out of stock, ActivSkin A876 Footless Full Support Male Tightsbut is glad to begin selling them once again! These are two of the more popular styles and offer a comfortable level of full support that energizes your legs while providing some added warmth. If the weather where you are has been as cold as this winter in Ohio, you'll appreciate that!. You can check them out here:

To make up for the non-availability of these great tights for so long, ActivSkin is lowering the price on Styles A866/A876 for one month. Instead of the normal price of $19.99 (still a good value!), ActivSkin is selling both styles for $16.99 during the entire month of March. After that, they'll go back to the normal price of $19.99 a pair. So, hurry and get yours before they sell out again! Don't be be the last on your block-–act now and stock up.

Additionally, ActivSkin customers can save big on the overstock supply of Size Medium A549 Sheer Pantyhose for Men (with fly), now at HALF PRICE.

Go to, and scroll down to A549. Look for the Overstock Sale block just below the main item and place your order.


  1. Hi Steve,
    Great job for bring this man's legwear , I hv the following question probably you can help answer, I tried activskin before.
    - Any reason why activskin do not publish any number on its compression measurement, I would appreciate if activskin can publish the number (like 8-15mHg...) I do wear compression hose designed for women, because i like consistent range of compressing effect as specifed on package,
    - Why not introduce the reinforced heel feature, the design gives better holding effect around ankle region.


  2. James, here are the answers to your questions:
    1. ActivSkin doesn't publish numbers on the compression level provided by the various legwear styles because the testing equipment requred to obtain that information is very expensive and since ActivSkin is not seeking to position itself as a 'medical grade' compression hosiery, it would not be very cost effective to do so. Additionally, those numbers are very sensitive to many small variables, making it difficult to pin down what the actually compression level is and compare with products by other manufacturers.

    That being said, although ActivSkin makes no claims about the specific compression level of their hosiery, I can report my own, unscientific, observations. I have tried out Futuro and Jobst hosiery in the 8-15mm Hg range, and compared them with ActivSkin Style A2019 and find the 'feel' of them very similar, with respect to compression. The A560s also provide a similar 'feel' to them as well.

    2. As for the reinforced heel feature, that is a very expensive endeabvor that would be relfected in higher prices. While it is a desirable feature to some, we don't believe it would be cost effective to include it. The machinery with the capabilities to do this are very rare in the U.S. Other than some of the medical grade compression hosiery, I don't believe any other U.S. hosiery maker is including this feature.


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