Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Positive View on Pantyhose... from a woman.

Sorry things have been so quiet here at The Nylon Gene for awhile. Steve Katz and I have been busy working up some ideas for refining the ActivSkin website, so I've not been as 'engaged' here on the net these past couple weeks. That being said, here's a link to an article from last week from a woman writer from the University of Cincinnati. It's entitled, "Pantyhose Benefit, Confine Fashionistas" Give it a read. It shows that there are women out there who haven't yet been indoctrinated to overlook the benefits that can be found in quality legwear.


  1. I've read that article three or four times now and it gets better each time I read it. Did you notice the sub-title? "The Fashion Dungjen". It's a cute tongue-in-cheek tome that some of us male wearers can relate to. It shows that the nylon gene will overtake other feelings once given a chance. It's almost viral. She didn't go willingly but once she started wearing she became a convert.

  2. Yes, I did notice that. As you suggested, I think the more men try out tights or hose, the more they will come to recognize (albeit reluctantly) that they are in fact comfortable and have some positive effect on their legs.

    What we need to concentrate on here is setting up the circumstances and environment where men won't feel so squeamish about at least trying them out. Right now, they're afraid it will call into question their manhood if they even try on a pair--let along admit they LIKE them.

    BTW, that 'Fashion Dungjen' tongue-in-cheek is also a play on her last name. (Pam Dungjen)

    Thanks for your comments.


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